Big Hair Don’t Care: Classic 1960s Hairstyles [VIDEO]

Big Hair Don’t Care: Classic 1960s Hairstyles [VIDEO]

1960s hairstyles

Bouffants, beehives, curls, waves and more hairspray than Viva Las Vegas! … but right here in Melbourne?

Yes, that sums up our Iconic 1960s Hairstyles Event at the National Gallery of Victoria. Part of the NGV Kids Summer Festival and stunning Warhol/WeiWei exhibition, the Australia Day styling demonstration was a raging success.

Who knew that watching ’60s hairstyles come to life could keep so many kids enraptured for three full hours? (Parents and babysitters, take note!)

Under the colourful stained glass ceiling of the Great Hall, our models Susanne, Eva and Meik had their tresses transformed into towering recreations from the Swinging Sixties, as you can see in the photos and video below.

1960s hairstyles

1960s hairstyles

Meanwhile, as I curled and teased our models’ hairdos to soaring heights, our enthusiastic audience offered up their own stories of how Mum or Grandma did their hair back in the day.

One woman shared with me her sixties-era bridal photographs, featuring her tower of perfectly pinned curls, artfully arranged over many hours by her hairdresser.

Best anecdote of the day? One woman shared her mother’s secret for the biggest, fullest beehive: she would hide a loaf of bread inside for maximum height!

1960s hairstyles

1960s hairstyles

1960s hairstyles

We were delighted to see so many people not only turn out for this special event, but stay for the entire session. Yet our favorite part was how many also came and said hello, asked their burning questions, shared their own stories and came away with fresh ideas and a renewed sense of the fun of vintage styling.

1960 hairstyle candice deville ngv

A big thank you to my wonderful models Suzanne, Eva and Meik, who played their parts beautifully, and to Hunter Boyle and Mick Russell for the striking visuals that allow us to share this window into our day of diva-worthy hair. And of course, we’re incredibly grateful to the team at NGV for the opportunity to share our passion and all their support in making this event such a wonderful experience for all!

Videography: Linchpin Studios
Director/Photographer: Hunter Boyle
Models: Suzanne, Eva Las Vegas, Meik

Got any vintage hairstyle photos hiding in that old photo album, or floating around online? We’d LOVE to see them — so we’ve created a special thread for you to share your own pics right here on our Candice DeVille Facebook page!  




Celebrating Iconic ’60s Hairstyles at NGV

Celebrating Iconic ’60s Hairstyles at NGV

marilyn warholTo create my art, I use brushes of a different kind.

I look at faces, both old and new. Round, soft, open, wide: each face is a new canvas and a foundation that I’m privileged to work with.

I first learnt the power of a great hairdo when I was very young. The Silver Screen was my mentor. The elderly women in my life, the discarded magazines and dog-earred manuals of bygone days were my teachers.

Meanwhile, my own thick, unruly hair was both a constant battle and an inspiration.

While I dreamt of a Louise Brooks bob, when I looked in the mirror I saw a puffy, frizzy chaos of curls. I’d built a powerful image in my mind of the woman I wanted to become … and this was not what she looked like.

At age 14, my rudimentary tools were limited to hair mousse and a hair dryer diffuser. That year, everyone wanted to look like Jennifer Beals; I wanted Rosalind Russell. Writing my own style script was the only way forward.

Join me at NGV as the past meets the present

That history is why I’m honored to conduct a special demonstration of three classically 1960s hairstyles at National Gallery of Victoria this week, coinciding with the brilliant Andy Warhol and Ai Weiwei exhibition.

Andy Warhol clearly knew the transformative power of hair.

From Marilyn to Mao, his artwork prominently features iconic hairstyles. And his silver grey wig became an inherent part of his iconic status. You simply can’t picture Warhol without it, can you?

This Australia Day, January 26th, from 12-3pm in the Great Hall at NGV, I’ll be creating three different looks, taking you through the step-by-step techniques of how these are achieved. We’ll also chat about hairstyling history and trends in the 1960s, with particular focus on the ornate and complex styling worn by many of Warhols’ celebrity muses.

CDV at NGV 60s hairstyling

In a time where it has never been easier to become your own work of art, I’d love to share with you the experience of creating these mini-masterpieces.

This event is free and doesn’t require a booking. Join me, come say hello and enjoy our iconic styling adventures this Australia Day (or follow the fun via hashtag #WarholWeiwei).

You can find the complete event details here.


“The best thing about a picture is it never changes, even when the people in it do.”

– Andy Warhol

The Perfect Vintage Hair Cut – The Middy and How to Style It.

The Perfect Vintage Hair Cut – The Middy and How to Style It.


vintage haircut middy 1950

There is so much talk on the vintage pages of the internet about “what is the perfect hair cut for vintage“? While there is no single answer, given we all have preferences for different eras, different hair types and different lifestyles; the most often recommended style is The Middy Cut.  There are original cutting diagrams floating around of these, and so many of you will have already taken these to your hairdressers, often with disappointing results. You can read more in last week’s post about my new 1950’s Middy hair cut here.

The Middy Hair Cut

In the wake of showing you those photos and telling my story, I’ve received a flood of messages from ladies wanting to get the same hair cut. I have sent my hairdressers details to a number of you in Melbourne, but it must come with a word of warning. This is NOT a wash and wear hair cut. You must be committed to styling it every day.  This isn’t necessarily time consuming, but you need to have the skills to do it.  In fact, it takes me about ten minutes each evening to roll this up, then about five or less in the morning to style it. And so, today’s tutorial is designed to help set you on the right path and show you how I style my Middy Cut with a simple pin curl set.

This set is all rolled in a downwards direction from the centre part and takes about 2-3 hours to set, or even better, can be done over night. The key to this style is knowing how to do a good comb out. You’ll see how with the same pin curl set I’ve achieved quite a variety of looks, from the soft and sexy, to the sleek and classic.

Please feel free to ask me comments on the video (so everyone can benefit from seeing the answers there) and make sure to share this tutorial as it is one of the keys to success in understanding why Middy Cuts and vintage styling isn’t just a one step solution.

Daily Outfit – Red hot red, pastels and vintage lace.

Daily Outfit – Red hot red, pastels and vintage lace.


This is one special daily outfit today. As a part of my role as a Mercedes-Benz Championship blogger for The Race Around the Web, I had the opportunity to spend the day driving around in the hot off the boat, brand new B Class! I think I may have finally found my perfect car with its seriously luxe glam factor. We went a little crazy taking outfit shots for this one because it just felt like the perfect synergy between my own style and how gorgeous this car is.

I fell in love with the sleek curves, glossy red body and plush pale leather seats; but mostly I fell in love with the pure drama of it!

If you want to be in the running to WIN this absolute stunner of a Mercedes-Benz B Class, amongst other amazing prizes, check out the Race Around the Web  and the Super Kawaii Mama Championship track now! And make sure to use that “Share” button at the bottom of the post, cause I’ll bet if your best friend wins it, they’ll take you cruising in style too!


Outfit Details

Dress – Original 1950’s vintage lace cocktail dress Similar vintage style lace dress.

Scarf – hand rolled silk vintage scarf

Earrings – Lovisa.

Pastel studded bracelet – Lovisa. I’ve also just bought this pastel two tone studded bracelet to wear with it – so cute!

 Gloves Kid leather driving gloves

Tri-tone pastel shoes – Betts new arrivals. These gorgeous Versus multi pastel heels would be a killer match too.

Blush pink bag – Forever New

Sunglasses – 50’s style catseye sunglasses Luella

*All original images by Helen McLean for Vintage Current – Images may be reproduced with appropriate permissions. Feel free to add to Pinterest, Tumblr etc…*