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There is so much talk on the vintage pages of the internet about “what is the perfect hair cut for vintage“? While there is no single answer, given we all have preferences for different eras, different hair types and different lifestyles; the most often recommended style is The Middy Cut.  There are original cutting diagrams floating around of these, and so many of you will have already taken these to your hairdressers, often with disappointing results. You can read more in last week’s post about my new 1950’s Middy hair cut here.

The Middy Hair Cut

In the wake of showing you those photos and telling my story, I’ve received a flood of messages from ladies wanting to get the same hair cut. I have sent my hairdressers details to a number of you in Melbourne, but it must come with a word of warning. This is NOT a wash and wear hair cut. You must be committed to styling it every day.  This isn’t necessarily time consuming, but you need to have the skills to do it.  In fact, it takes me about ten minutes each evening to roll this up, then about five or less in the morning to style it. And so, today’s tutorial is designed to help set you on the right path and show you how I style my Middy Cut with a simple pin curl set.

This set is all rolled in a downwards direction from the centre part and takes about 2-3 hours to set, or even better, can be done over night. The key to this style is knowing how to do a good comb out. You’ll see how with the same pin curl set I’ve achieved quite a variety of looks, from the soft and sexy, to the sleek and classic.

Please feel free to ask me comments on the video (so everyone can benefit from seeing the answers there) and make sure to share this tutorial as it is one of the keys to success in understanding why Middy Cuts and vintage styling isn’t just a one step solution.


  1. I have just had this haircut this week and learning to style it. Do you still pincurl that way when you are planning to sleep with it in or do you lay them flat? If so can you please make a video on doing them flat?


    • Joleen: Yes, I still do them this way when sleeping. The flat pin curl gives a different look as you are making the roots go a different way.

  2. Thanks for the video on how to style the middy cut Candice!

    Just wondering if you could show us a comb out for more 1940’s style hair?

    P.S. I’m not a big lover of male facial hair but I DO agree with Mr Sons of Anarchy [sorry to the actor but I don’t know his name]!!!

    • CArli: Of Course it would! You can do SO many things with a short fringe cut in. Maybe you may need to be a model for one of my tutorials?

  3. This is a fantastic tutorial! I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a middy but I have no idea how it would look with my face (high, pronounced forehead, large cheeks but not particularly high cheekbones, and a little bit of a double chin, so I need to be aware of the hair cuts I get making me look chunkier than I actually am).

    About how long are you usually able to get out of a set?

  4. My oh my! You make that look so easy!!! I cant wait to try it. If a person has a short layered bob can a curling iron be used to curl the shortest layers or would that clash with the barrel rolls?

    • Mindy,
      No, that is the perfect solution. They will create curls the same shape as the barrel rolls, so it is just right. 🙂

  5. Love it! What about overnight? Are you leaving in flat curls or just a quick morning reset?

    I guess, how much daily maintenance are we looking at here after you’ve done a major set like the video?

  6. I have just discovered your site…I am so excited! The only issue is that you are so breathtakingly beautiful that it’s almost hard to look you, lol! Thank you so much for all your fabulous tips and tutorials; I especially appreciate the advice for very thick, naturally curly hair.

  7. Hi there cutie! Question, do your barrel curls ever get so big that they’re flopping over a bit when in the pins? And is that ok? I’m working with some floppies right now.

  8. You said this is not a “wash and wear” style. I have naturally curly hair though. Do you think it might be wash and wearable on me if I just smooth out my curls?

  9. Hi there l am looking for a hairdresser that actually cuts hair vintage style. I feel l need this to maintain my 50’s look. I live in Melbourne, Victoria and don’t want to be travelling too far.

  10. Only just discovered your blog! You look stunning! Can you please tell me the address for the middy cut in Melbourne? Cheers Rachel

  11. How many inches long is your hair all over for the middy cut? From what I understand a precision cut is when you hair is cut the same length all over ( 4 inches, 5 inches, 6 inches, etc.) Is that correct?

  12. Hi,

    Sorry to be another person asking, but I couldn’t find your Melbourne hairdresser’s details!

    Could you please let me know?



  13. Hello – love your blog and love your haircut! I am also delving into the vintage style and was wondering if I could have the name of your melbourne hairdresser if possible. Have a great weekend! Lori


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