Dream Lover – The Bobby Darin Musical

Dream Lover – The Bobby Darin Musical

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Dream Lover the Bobby Darin Musical David Campbell

David Campbell as Bobby Darin and Hannah Fredricksen as Sandra Dee in Dream Lover – The Bobby Darin Musical.

I cannot imagine my world without Bobby Darin.

You may not know the name, you aren’t likely to know his story, but you will without a doubt know his sound.

It is in no small part that I owe my passion for vintage to the works of this man and his incredible talent, providing the sound track to so many of my most memorable moments. I can just close my eyes and drift away..

With great anticipation and excitement I’m thrilled to announce that in an all-new Australian musical, the life and works of this legendary man are being brought to life by David Campbell in Dream Lover.

In a goose bump inducing performance, David and his 18-piece big band knocked my socks off with his medley of Bobby Darin classics.

Staged by acclaimed director Simon Phillips, well known for Priscilla Queen of the Desert, and costumed by Tim Chappell, this production is set to become a huge hit.

Newcomer Hannah Fredricksen plays Bobby’s love Sandra Dee. Dressed in stunning 60s Hollywood style, Hannah radiates old school glamour.

Dream Lover the bobby darin musical


Bobby Darin was a man of rare and incredible talent who’s star burned brightly and all too shortly. Composer, singer, actor, producer, Bobby’s contribution to the biggest hits of the 20th century cannot be overstated.

You may have heard many of his hits including Mack the Knife, Dream Lover and Beyond the Sea, but did you know he wrote and composed them?

Here’s a little something to paint the picture and get you in the mood. We’ve put together a special playlist – Listen Here

Wanting to be like his idol Frank Sinatra, Bobby eclipsed all expectations, having his songs recorded by multiple musical legends including Dean Martin, Tony Bennett, Julie London, Ricky Nelson and Cliff Richard.

1960s Las Vegas and indeed Hollywood, proved to be an enraptured audience for Bobby as he became an iconic performer both on and off screen.

In 1961 he starred in the romantic comedy Come September with Rock Hudson, Gina Lollobrigida and Sandra Dee. Bobby and Sandra became a real life couple, eloping in an intense whirlwind romance.

Beautiful, tragic, thrilling and glamorous, Dream Lover is set to be a Must See show.
So crank up the tunes and start planning for an epic vintage lovers weekend this Spring!

Dream Lover opens in Sydney in September 2016, tickets on sale now.

Dream Lover Sydney


We’re giving away 3x double passes to a preview showing of Dream Lover in Sydney, in September 2016.

To enter you need to leave us a comment telling us which Bobby Darin song is your favourite and in what scenario you’d most like to hear it. E.G: Dream Lover on your wedding day.

Be as descriptive as you can and paint us a picture of your perfect Bobby Darin serenade moment.

Entries close May 5th. Terms and conditions here.


Celebrating Iconic ’60s Hairstyles at NGV

Celebrating Iconic ’60s Hairstyles at NGV

marilyn warholTo create my art, I use brushes of a different kind.

I look at faces, both old and new. Round, soft, open, wide: each face is a new canvas and a foundation that I’m privileged to work with.

I first learnt the power of a great hairdo when I was very young. The Silver Screen was my mentor. The elderly women in my life, the discarded magazines and dog-earred manuals of bygone days were my teachers.

Meanwhile, my own thick, unruly hair was both a constant battle and an inspiration.

While I dreamt of a Louise Brooks bob, when I looked in the mirror I saw a puffy, frizzy chaos of curls. I’d built a powerful image in my mind of the woman I wanted to become … and this was not what she looked like.

At age 14, my rudimentary tools were limited to hair mousse and a hair dryer diffuser. That year, everyone wanted to look like Jennifer Beals; I wanted Rosalind Russell. Writing my own style script was the only way forward.

Join me at NGV as the past meets the present

That history is why I’m honored to conduct a special demonstration of three classically 1960s hairstyles at National Gallery of Victoria this week, coinciding with the brilliant Andy Warhol and Ai Weiwei exhibition.

Andy Warhol clearly knew the transformative power of hair.

From Marilyn to Mao, his artwork prominently features iconic hairstyles. And his silver grey wig became an inherent part of his iconic status. You simply can’t picture Warhol without it, can you?

This Australia Day, January 26th, from 12-3pm in the Great Hall at NGV, I’ll be creating three different looks, taking you through the step-by-step techniques of how these are achieved. We’ll also chat about hairstyling history and trends in the 1960s, with particular focus on the ornate and complex styling worn by many of Warhols’ celebrity muses.

CDV at NGV 60s hairstyling

In a time where it has never been easier to become your own work of art, I’d love to share with you the experience of creating these mini-masterpieces.

This event is free and doesn’t require a booking. Join me, come say hello and enjoy our iconic styling adventures this Australia Day (or follow the fun via hashtag #WarholWeiwei).

You can find the complete event details here.


“The best thing about a picture is it never changes, even when the people in it do.”

– Andy Warhol

July Winter Styling Workshops

July Winter Styling Workshops


Invest in yourself!

Over the last six months you’ve been sending me your considered feedback on what you’d like to learn, helping you make each day more stylish, more affordable and faster to achieve. You’ve told me about how little time you have for yourself each day, how when a special occasion comes around your excited, but not sure how to pull it off. You’ve told me that you want to shop smarter, use your wardrobe better and create impressive hairstyles with the flick of a wrist. I listened, and together you and I have put together the outline for our brand new workshop series!

July 25th in Doncaster, Melbourne will be your opportunity to join us for this experience. Our workshops are like nothing you’ve done before, we make hands on, lasting knowledge the foundation of our sessions. Sure it’s a fun day out, but this is serious stuff.

Think about how much do you usually spend at the salon every month? Around $150-300 if you’re like the average Australian woman. Styling your hair and wardrobe can be expensive, time consuming and intimidating. It doesn’t have to be that way!

I know from your feedback that most women would love to manage their own styling, both hair and fashion, but don’t know where to turn for trustworthy and affordable styling advice in a real and effective sense. And that’s exactly why we developed these brand-new styling workshops; with input from our top styling clients of all ages.

For a game-changing day of style and glamour training, we invite you to join us at our newest workshops …

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Melbourne Beauty Workshop!

Melbourne Beauty Workshop!

It’s true! We’re taking this show on the road with a new series of DAY LONG workshops!

First up Melbourne, then Brisbane, Sydney and in 2015 we’ll be hitting the USA! Woo hoo!!

I’ve really enjoyed working with everyone in our workshops to date, but we find there is just so much to cover, so many questions to answer and more we want to get to. So we’ve come up with a great way to give you a whole day worth of beauty secrets you can take away and keep learning from forever!


The first round of EARLY BIRD bookings are now open with a special bonus!

Also, make sure you’ve signed up to our newsletter to be the first to hear about new dates in your city, and when our brand new series of eBooks will be released!