Dream Lover – The Bobby Darin Musical

Dream Lover – The Bobby Darin Musical

Brought to you by Nuffnang & Dream Lover 

Dream Lover the Bobby Darin Musical David Campbell

David Campbell as Bobby Darin and Hannah Fredricksen as Sandra Dee in Dream Lover – The Bobby Darin Musical.

I cannot imagine my world without Bobby Darin.

You may not know the name, you aren’t likely to know his story, but you will without a doubt know his sound.

It is in no small part that I owe my passion for vintage to the works of this man and his incredible talent, providing the sound track to so many of my most memorable moments. I can just close my eyes and drift away..

With great anticipation and excitement I’m thrilled to announce that in an all-new Australian musical, the life and works of this legendary man are being brought to life by David Campbell in Dream Lover.

In a goose bump inducing performance, David and his 18-piece big band knocked my socks off with his medley of Bobby Darin classics.

Staged by acclaimed director Simon Phillips, well known for Priscilla Queen of the Desert, and costumed by Tim Chappell, this production is set to become a huge hit.

Newcomer Hannah Fredricksen plays Bobby’s love Sandra Dee. Dressed in stunning 60s Hollywood style, Hannah radiates old school glamour.

Dream Lover the bobby darin musical


Bobby Darin was a man of rare and incredible talent who’s star burned brightly and all too shortly. Composer, singer, actor, producer, Bobby’s contribution to the biggest hits of the 20th century cannot be overstated.

You may have heard many of his hits including Mack the Knife, Dream Lover and Beyond the Sea, but did you know he wrote and composed them?

Here’s a little something to paint the picture and get you in the mood. We’ve put together a special playlist – Listen Here

Wanting to be like his idol Frank Sinatra, Bobby eclipsed all expectations, having his songs recorded by multiple musical legends including Dean Martin, Tony Bennett, Julie London, Ricky Nelson and Cliff Richard.

1960s Las Vegas and indeed Hollywood, proved to be an enraptured audience for Bobby as he became an iconic performer both on and off screen.

In 1961 he starred in the romantic comedy Come September with Rock Hudson, Gina Lollobrigida and Sandra Dee. Bobby and Sandra became a real life couple, eloping in an intense whirlwind romance.

Beautiful, tragic, thrilling and glamorous, Dream Lover is set to be a Must See show.
So crank up the tunes and start planning for an epic vintage lovers weekend this Spring!

Dream Lover opens in Sydney in September 2016, tickets on sale now.

Dream Lover Sydney


We’re giving away 3x double passes to a preview showing of Dream Lover in Sydney, in September 2016.

To enter you need to leave us a comment telling us which Bobby Darin song is your favourite and in what scenario you’d most like to hear it. E.G: Dream Lover on your wedding day.

Be as descriptive as you can and paint us a picture of your perfect Bobby Darin serenade moment.

Entries close May 5th. Terms and conditions here.


Get Ready for Vintage Current Fashion Fair 2016

Get Ready for Vintage Current Fashion Fair 2016

Do you remember “finding your true home” in the vintage community?

And how wonderful it was to discover that your passion was shared and cherished by others?

I do. It was at the best vintage fair I’ve ever been to (still to this day).

There, for the first time, I didn’t feel out of place in my 1940s suit, hair piled high. From the moment the first person tapped me on the shoulder and asked about the “soutache” on my lapels, I knew I’d found my people.

It was a long way from home, a plane ride away. I had saved for almost a year to acquire my own pieces of history. And although I went alone and didn’t know anyone there, when I walked into that room, heaving with smiling people, I felt instantly at home.


Finding Your Vintage Story: A Source of Inspiration

That experience set the bar for me on what an exceptional, authentic vintage fair and event should be: a community of like-minded people, with myriad styles and inspirations, brought together by their mutual love of historical fashion.

There were no hard and fast rules as to what should be worn and how. Instead what I found was a genuine exchange between friends, buyers and sellers, hardcore fans and the curious, all sharing their joy and finding appreciative homes for each treasure.

However, in recent years, as the vintage trend has taken hold, I’ve seen hyper commercialism chipping away at this wonderful camaraderie at the heart of why so many of us love vintage.

What I didn’t realize, back at that milestone event, was how much it would later inspire me to create and launch a new initiative to bring out the best in vintage for our community.


Ready, Set, Go! Breathing New Life Into Vintage Markets

I’m thrilled to announce the debut of Vintage Current Fashion Fair, coming this May 7-8 (Mother’s Day Weekend) as part of Ballarat Heritage Weekend 2016!

Having inherited my love of fashion from my mum, with her talent for sewing and restyling old outfits, and nurturing the love of vintage in my own daughters, teaching them to shop smart and appreciate styles from bygone days, hosting this event over Mother’s Day Weekend is an extra special treat for me.

mother daughter

Just as exciting is the opportunity to collaborate with so many talented, passionate vintage lovers around this event.

Thanks to our partnership with the brilliant teams at the City of Ballarat and Ballarat Regional Tourism, we anticipate a crowd of 20,000 enthusiasts at Ballarat Heritage Weekend 2016, and we’re working with several partners, vendors and sponsors to make this premiere event one for all to remember.

Here’s just a taste of what you can expect during this fun-filled weekend …

vcff lead

Pictured clockwise from top left: St Pat’s Hall VCFF heritage venue, local Ballarat fashion blogger Finding Femme, ladies ready for the Tweed Ride, Charlotte Smith on stage.

We’re teaming up with our good friend
Charlotte Smith, author of Dreaming of Dior and Dreaming of Chanel, to host an interactive session on how to discover and refine your own vintage style. Charlotte is also hosting an array of stunning vintage fashion parades plus her “In Conversation” sessions with the fabulous Catriona Rowntree and Claudia Chan Shaw (pictured below).

vcff guest speakers
Amongst our fast-growing list of wonderful VCFF vendors, you’ll find:

  • Audrey Scarlett Vintage a personal favourite for their extensive range of affordable pieces.
  • Frizzy Vintage with a great range of accessories and stunning Japanese vintage frocks.
  • Vintage Online who carry a superior range of genuine vintage jewellery to fit every budget.
  • Jack’s Daughter our friends set the standard for authentic vintage reproduction fashion (several of their designs are in my wardrobe right now).
  • Steady with Betty Vintage Clothing beautiful vintage pieces, with show-stopping gowns, featured in countless glamour shoots I’ve styled.
  • Recycology always makes me smile with their exotic collection of brightly coloured, fabulous pieces (including the most stunning burnt silk velvet kimono I had to have).

That’s barely the tip of the iceberg, as our plans and partnerships are rapidly growing, and the other key ingredient we’re looking for now is YOU.


Vintage Vendors, Makers and Sponsors: We Want You!

With over 25 years as a collector, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know some of Australia’s finest vintage vendors — the backbone of these events. Their tireless sourcing, restoring and curating is what makes these people as rare as the gems they sell.

The same goes for the vintage makers, who take the time to faithfully reproduce garments and accessories to our needs. From hoarding buttons and trim, to custom making the perfect piece just for you, these dedicated individuals are creating the vintage of the future.

And of course, the re-imagineers (a term I much prefer to upcycling), who allow us to see what is possible for things that may otherwise have reached the end of their lives. They breathe new purpose into pieces, giving us the chance to create a new story for them.


Join Our Vintage Current Fashion Fair Mission

We’re proud to be creating a new haven for quality vintage vendors and passionate shoppers to come together during Ballarat Heritage Weekend.

We want to bring back all the reasons you fell in love with vintage in the first place, and that’s shaped our mission for Vintage Current Fashion Fair:

  • It is unique – allowing you to explore your own personal sense of style to create something that reflects who you are.
  • It has a story – vintage has romance and history, quietly weaving the tale of social change through each hemline.
  • It is a responsible choice – wearing well and living through generations, teaching us about true value per wear and quality of make.
  • It inspires – No longer are we slaves to the vicious cycle of fast fashion and the dictates of trends, we get to write the story.
  • It represents real value – The hand beaded, pure cashmere sweater you find on these racks can be had for ½ or less the price of a mass produced high street version, and is made to a quality standard rarely seen today.

Whether you are a collector, a vendor, a maker or any manner of vintage enthusiast — anywhere in the world — if this mission resonates with you, we’d love to hear from you!

If you’re a seller of quality vintage, based or trading in Australia, let’s work together to help promote you and your passion. Click here to learn more and apply to be part of VCFF!

Learn more vcff button

(Note: If you’re not based in Australia, don’t worry: We’ll be sharing videos, photos, posts and more online, and you can catch the buzz via our #VCFF event hashtag.)

Believe In Pink – Breast Cancer Awareness

Believe In Pink – Breast Cancer Awareness

believe in pink

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we kicked off with a High Tea for the McGrath Foundation.

You might wonder why I am at a BP station? Not the first place you would think of for a glamorous High Tea, I know… But BP is using its Australia-wide network of 1400 stores to help raise money for the McGrath Foundation.

Until October 7th, every time you pick up a BP pump, anywhere in Australia, they will make a donation to McGrath. Plus selected stores are selling delicious PINK lamingtons! Then for the whole month of October, you can choose to make a donation directly to the McGrath Foundation at the checkout. A simple and easy way to help support this cause that touches us all.

My friends and I spent the morning catching up, eating ice cream and talking about the important initiative that is Curve Lurve.

Curve Lurve is the McGrath Foundation’s education initiative, aimed at increasing breast awareness in young Australians, with a particular emphasis on young women.

Being breast aware means regularly checking your breasts so you know what’s normal for you – and seeking advice from your GP if you notice changes. We all have them and it’s incredibly important to get to know them – intimately!

believe in pink


Catching up with the girls was simply brilliant too. I know I have a great community out there and having the support of these ladies is quite an privilege. We talked vintage, cake, and the all important issue of personal health.

believe in pink

believe in pink

believe in pink

believe in pink

believe in pink

believe in pink


believe in pink


Share your own #BelieveInPink moment and help spread the word about Curve Lurve!

A Weekend Away in Sydney Australia

A Weekend Away in Sydney Australia

Thanks to NuffnangDestination NSWQantas and Rydges 

Planning a holiday to Australia is something I don’t really think about; living here and all that is. You become very used to your own backyard and take it too much for granted. Want great fashion shopping in Australia? Well I live in Melbourne, but I’ve done all that a thousand times. Sydney however, has a whole fresh face for me to explore and relax while exercising my bag lifting biceps.

I used to live in Sydney for a bit and you know what that means?

That’s right, I missed all the cool things that tourists get to see.

I never took a ferry, shopped Surry Hills (I need to go back all cashed up just for this), went to see an opera at the Sydney Opera House or even dined in the best restaurants. I just worked. Even when I’ve had the chance to visit the city it’s been a whirlwind and I haven’t given myself time to rest, relax and enjoy; something we remedied this weekend past.

I don’t often get to travel with friends, but when I do, it’s quite the production. All the prep that goes into thinking about our outfits, what tech we should take and just how much we can pack into the agenda. Early meetings at the gate for our Qantas flight become a major reunion, with other passengers politely reading their papers while we all hug and kiss and generally make a racket.

Vintage Current goes to Sydney

My agency Nuffnang, has just launched an office in Sydney and invited myself and the other Bloggerati to come and celebrate with them. Champagne in hand we overlooked the sparkling harbour from ECQ Bar at The Pullman Quay Grand. Destination NSW helped us select this stunning venue, taking keen advantage of the night views of the bridge, the lights rippling over the water and the all round glamour factor of Sydney in it’s evening best.

Nuffnang Sydney Office Launch party

Credit – Alexander Kesselaar of alexkess photography  (my crazy eyes courtesy of too much excitement!)

Before heading out for the big event, I was able to take a little time to relax in my room and watch the twilight dip over the cityscape. Being based at Rydges North Sydney made it exceptionally easy to get into the CBD for events, and visa versa, to have my friend come and meet me for brunch the next morning.

The friendships I’ve made through this blog are the things I treasure most about this opportunity. My friend Jaede, originally a Sydney girl, has been living is Las Vegas for years. I was fortunate enough to get a chance for the two of us to meet face to face over there in May and now on home turf. Nutella doughnuts and fruit salad at the breakfast buffet were the perfect way to catch up on all the gossip and plan our next meet up event.

Candice DeVille and Jaede


Even though I’d eaten first and second breakfast, I had a special lunch date to get to; so it was off to Burger Project!

A little known fact about me is that I love to eat. I truly dislike eating simply to keep the body going; I much prefer the endorphin inducing experiences you seek out of pure pleasure. Hamburgers haven’t sprung to mind for me in this category, until I visited Neil Perry’s Burger Project

You may remember the carefully hand made hamburgers of your childhood, those prepared by the couple who owned the local corner store. They have remained a distant memory and something no burger has ever matched for me, until now. I’m not exactly sure what the key differences are; the fresh produce, the way the beef is ground, perhaps it is the beetroot in the Aussie burger?

Whatever it is, Burger Project is the kind of place you feel like you should have made a reservation for.

Don’t rush this one; make it a highlight of your day.

Burger Project Sydney

Candice DeVille at Burger Project copyright Rachel Devine

Image by my buddy and fellow Bloggerati Rachel Devine

If this heavenly moment wasn’t foodie enough, Qantas had a real treat organised for our group; an evening with Neil Perry at the justifiably famous Spice Temple! Once I heard this I simply had to change my outfit plans for the evening, a simple black dress wasn’t going to cut it, so I hot footed (Uber’ed) it down to Surry Hills and popped into Hola Chica where I picked up a “spicy” leopard print number.

Sexy Leopard Print Dress Retro style

Feeling suitably sultry for the scarlet glow of Spice Temple, we began our evening with Chinese Zodiac cocktails (mine was a ‘pig’) and marvelled as the menu unfolded.

Neil Perry Spice Temple Sydney Candice DeVille

Neil Perry Spice Temple Sydney Candice DeVille

Neil Perry Spice Temple Sydney Candice DeVille

Neil Perry Spice Temple Sydney Candice DeVille

A 7am start on conference day is never my favourite thing, but in spite of that I have an amazing ability to get myself together when I have to. A hot cup of tea in the room and Croc Wrestlers on T.V work wonders to motivate you out of bed and out the door!

By 8am, and in the golden light of morning winter sun, the Bloggerati had descended on the Macquarie Room at the Pullman. Sitting in a room filled with the best and brightest of the Australian blogging sense is an incredible privilege. Having everyone share their tips, tricks and experiences provides the kind of community that enables us to be that much better at what we do.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

As I packed my bags, the scent of jasmine rice and chilli still infused in my Spice Temple outfit, I made a mental list of all the things I wanted to come back and experience. The days went far too quickly and even though we packed so much in, we could have easily filled another week. Sydney really is a fabulously exciting destination all year round.

Everyday Mum – Shopping for Mother’s Day

Everyday Mum – Shopping for Mother’s Day

Mum copy

Brought to you by Nuffnang and Etsy

The memories I have of growing up are still crisp and fresh in my mind, thanks in large part to the small mementos and slide nights we’d have as a family. (If you don’t know what “slides” are, Google it!)

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, I’m keenly aware just how those small things play such a large part in shaping who we are. The traditional “Mother’s Day stall” at school was where we’d seek out the perfect gift, a treasured paper note gripped tightly in small hands waiting to find the perfect token of our love.

There is something inherently special about having the perfect gift crafted just for your Mum; something as unique as she is. Adding the personal touch of bringing your memory into that gift is something I really wanted to find for my Mum this year, so I turned to the talented community of sellers.

I’m already an verified addict in supporting my vintage shopping habit, and I’ve had some outstanding success in working with crafts people to custom make pieces for other loved ones. So I sat down to think about just what it was I wanted to capture in my Mother’s Day surprise this year and I remembered something.

My Mum hates dusting, but she loves to create little displays on cabinets and counter tops.

When I was little, maybe 7, I remember trying to help her with her dusting chores. She would turn it into one big activity and take everything off the shelves and onto the table. The family heirloom china, the smiling photos, the knick knacks, everything. I’d always ask her about each piece and where they had come from, so over time I learnt the story and significance behind each piece.


One day I got to dust a little china statue of a yellow bird on a twig, one that had come from my great grandmother. It slipped and fell from my hands, breaking into pieces. I was utterly devastated. It felt like I had somehow broken the memory and that was unforgivable.

Mum was so kind, picking up the pieces and assuring me that it could be fixed. I could see that she was sad, but the fact that I understood the sentimentality and importance behind those little yellow fragments, was even more important.

A little love and glue means that every time I see his slightly crazed, yellow glaze I remember that the value isn’t in the object itself, but the love and memories they hold. Now our story has become a part of the narrative of a little yellow bird.


As I wandered around the virtual art galleries and stores on Etsy’s pages, I came across Senkki. The mid century styling of their designs was the first thing to catch my eye, and as I delved further into the catalogue of their creations, I realized just how perfect they would be to create something special for my Mum.

mcm shelves 2

Made locally in South Australia, these simple and elegant shelves form the perfect combination of my own stylistic love and a piece that will provide the perfect showcase for my Mum’s collections.

The Senkii style is a beautiful collection of Mid Century Modern inspired pieces, giving me the opportunity to select a piece I can add to over time, customizing dimensions to fit my space (or Mum’s), and know that I can continue to support high quality, local makers.

MCM shelves 1

The sheer variety of hand made and vintage goods available on means that you’ll always be able to explore and find the perfect thing for your Mum. The range of pieces at all kinds of price points makes Etsy the perfect choice for everyone. All you need to do is sit down with a hot chocolate, your photo album, put on your thinking cap and let the creative people at Etsy do the rest.

This Mother’s Day Etsy is giving you the chance to win a $500 Etsy Gift Card by sharing your special memory on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram with the hashtag #EverydayMum. Simply upload a photo with your Mum and share a special memory (25 words or less) for your chance to win.

Don’t Look Back

Don’t Look Back

As vintage lovers, we spend much of our time looking backwards.

Backwards into the history of pieces we love, romantic, nostalgic versions of the past. We live for a great part, in our memories. It is habit forming and perhaps not the best of activities for those wanting to bring about change in their lives.

During my usual Pinterest rounds, I came across this;

Dont look back

It was then that the penny dropped. I have stopped looking back.

So much of my past has defined me as I’ve gone forward in life. The words in your head, the things people have said you are or are not, the mistakes you’ve made and those chances you wish you’d taken. One of the sayings I hate most in life is “You’ve made your bed, now lie in it.” Which to me translates as, “You made things this way now you have to put up with it, forever!”

Nope. That is about as defeatist as you can get.

How about remembering who is master of their own destiny, the only one who has the power to change anything, the one who has the power to change by starting with their own mind. This is why I believe we need to be much more cautious in looking backwards.

Instead it is time to use your imagination, tap into your creativity and imagine a future where things are as you wish them. Begin from the point that is now, with all the lessons you’ve learnt, the skills and talents you have, and then start to build.

As I’ve been going through this massive process of culling all my belongings, I’ve become very aware just how much stuff holds a type of security for me. Reminders in memories of things I haven’t yet achieved, projects left unfinished stop me from moving on to new goals. What a waste of space and a waste of a perfectly promise filled future; that is why it is suddenly so easy to let it all go.

2015 is my Year of Living Bravely, of moving forward and taking new adventures that have so far only lived in my mind. There are no do-overs, and looking backwards will only keep you behind the starting line.

Let’s change our habit together, stop looking over our shoulders and instead, out at the sky.