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Planning a holiday to Australia is something I don’t really think about; living here and all that is. You become very used to your own backyard and take it too much for granted. Want great fashion shopping in Australia? Well I live in Melbourne, but I’ve done all that a thousand times. Sydney however, has a whole fresh face for me to explore and relax while exercising my bag lifting biceps.

I used to live in Sydney for a bit and you know what that means?

That’s right, I missed all the cool things that tourists get to see.

I never took a ferry, shopped Surry Hills (I need to go back all cashed up just for this), went to see an opera at the Sydney Opera House or even dined in the best restaurants. I just worked. Even when I’ve had the chance to visit the city it’s been a whirlwind and I haven’t given myself time to rest, relax and enjoy; something we remedied this weekend past.

I don’t often get to travel with friends, but when I do, it’s quite the production. All the prep that goes into thinking about our outfits, what tech we should take and just how much we can pack into the agenda. Early meetings at the gate for our Qantas flight become a major reunion, with other passengers politely reading their papers while we all hug and kiss and generally make a racket.

Vintage Current goes to Sydney

My agency Nuffnang, has just launched an office in Sydney and invited myself and the other Bloggerati to come and celebrate with them. Champagne in hand we overlooked the sparkling harbour from ECQ Bar at The Pullman Quay Grand. Destination NSW helped us select this stunning venue, taking keen advantage of the night views of the bridge, the lights rippling over the water and the all round glamour factor of Sydney in it’s evening best.

Nuffnang Sydney Office Launch party

Credit – Alexander Kesselaar of alexkess photography  (my crazy eyes courtesy of too much excitement!)

Before heading out for the big event, I was able to take a little time to relax in my room and watch the twilight dip over the cityscape. Being based at Rydges North Sydney made it exceptionally easy to get into the CBD for events, and visa versa, to have my friend come and meet me for brunch the next morning.

The friendships I’ve made through this blog are the things I treasure most about this opportunity. My friend Jaede, originally a Sydney girl, has been living is Las Vegas for years. I was fortunate enough to get a chance for the two of us to meet face to face over there in May and now on home turf. Nutella doughnuts and fruit salad at the breakfast buffet were the perfect way to catch up on all the gossip and plan our next meet up event.

Candice DeVille and Jaede


Even though I’d eaten first and second breakfast, I had a special lunch date to get to; so it was off to Burger Project!

A little known fact about me is that I love to eat. I truly dislike eating simply to keep the body going; I much prefer the endorphin inducing experiences you seek out of pure pleasure. Hamburgers haven’t sprung to mind for me in this category, until I visited Neil Perry’s Burger Project

You may remember the carefully hand made hamburgers of your childhood, those prepared by the couple who owned the local corner store. They have remained a distant memory and something no burger has ever matched for me, until now. I’m not exactly sure what the key differences are; the fresh produce, the way the beef is ground, perhaps it is the beetroot in the Aussie burger?

Whatever it is, Burger Project is the kind of place you feel like you should have made a reservation for.

Don’t rush this one; make it a highlight of your day.

Burger Project Sydney

Candice DeVille at Burger Project copyright Rachel Devine

Image by my buddy and fellow Bloggerati Rachel Devine

If this heavenly moment wasn’t foodie enough, Qantas had a real treat organised for our group; an evening with Neil Perry at the justifiably famous Spice Temple! Once I heard this I simply had to change my outfit plans for the evening, a simple black dress wasn’t going to cut it, so I hot footed (Uber’ed) it down to Surry Hills and popped into Hola Chica where I picked up a “spicy” leopard print number.

Sexy Leopard Print Dress Retro style

Feeling suitably sultry for the scarlet glow of Spice Temple, we began our evening with Chinese Zodiac cocktails (mine was a ‘pig’) and marvelled as the menu unfolded.

Neil Perry Spice Temple Sydney Candice DeVille

Neil Perry Spice Temple Sydney Candice DeVille

Neil Perry Spice Temple Sydney Candice DeVille

Neil Perry Spice Temple Sydney Candice DeVille

A 7am start on conference day is never my favourite thing, but in spite of that I have an amazing ability to get myself together when I have to. A hot cup of tea in the room and Croc Wrestlers on T.V work wonders to motivate you out of bed and out the door!

By 8am, and in the golden light of morning winter sun, the Bloggerati had descended on the Macquarie Room at the Pullman. Sitting in a room filled with the best and brightest of the Australian blogging sense is an incredible privilege. Having everyone share their tips, tricks and experiences provides the kind of community that enables us to be that much better at what we do.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

As I packed my bags, the scent of jasmine rice and chilli still infused in my Spice Temple outfit, I made a mental list of all the things I wanted to come back and experience. The days went far too quickly and even though we packed so much in, we could have easily filled another week. Sydney really is a fabulously exciting destination all year round.

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  1. I was just in Sydney a couple of weeks ago! Less touristy things this time, more catching up with friends and relaxing but we had a wonderful time. Next time you’re in Surry Hills you simple MUST go to Porteno for dinner – such incredible food and you would LOVE the music and atmosphere. Every time I come to Sydney, without fail I spend the first night enjoying dinner there – I wish I could make it more often! I also hope you’ve made it to the Taronga Zoo – if not this trip or a past one, then is HAS to be on your list for next time. Hands down the best zoo I have ever been to, and I’ve been to the San Diego Zoo California (which was actually very disappointing despite its reputation as the ‘best zoo in the world’. I absolutely fell in love with Taronga Zoo and would definitely go back!

    • Sheri: Oh you are so right about Porteno, I’m a frequent visitor! The decor, the food, the cocktails….. even just go for desert and cocktails! I still haven’t gotten to the zoo, but as an animal lover it is very high on the list. Glad to hear your high praise for it too. xx

  2. That looks like it was such an engaging, fantastic time! Thank you for taking us along with you on this exciting getaway!

    <3 Jessica

    *PS* Your Mary Blair kitty print skirt is tres adorable!

  3. So happy we had the chance to get together again ! I do hope November works out, I’m already planning outing for us. Big hugs xxx

  4. Spice temple is great! glad you could get a suitable outfit so quickly, and you got to meet Neil. You look amazing!


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