I’m Candice DeVille, Vintage Style expert and founder of Vintage Current.

Vintage style and glamour has been a part of my life for 26 years. First as a young fashion rebel; today as a business woman, mother and pinup model. I’m a regular contributor to vintage publications and events, conducting workshops and seminars for thousands of fellow vintage aficionados, the world over. I am passionate about our community and helping you grow into your own style icon.

Vintage Current is here to help you liberate your style, live boldly and fall in LOVE with who you are!

Sewing in the Spotlight

Thanks to Nuffnang and Spotlight Sewing and DIY projects have fallen way down my list of priorities in the past year. I’ve been on such a decluttering and purging streak that the urge to create had been hiding. Now, with the clutter gone, systems streamlined and a much clearer head, I’m looking at my long…



Making your house a home with simple DIY projects is one of the great joys of vintage living. Taking what is old and giving it new life, imagining possibilities and reviving the story of something that is otherwise forgotten. I have a few tea caddys no longer in service and they have sat prettily on…


Groove Thief

Image by Nina Friday – Available on Etsy I’ve been in a bit of a hole lately. It happens like clockwork every winter when the clouds roll in, the rain starts and the social life drops right off. When you have grand plans of hibernating in knitted socks by a fireplace in Pinterest worthy glory,…


Japanese Tea Gardens

Having these past nine weeks in the US has given me time to really enjoy and reflect on simplistic beauty. The changing of the seasons across the states, the cold I never see in Melbourne and the incredible transformation of the landscape. The Bluejays, Robins, Woodpeckers, Squirrels and Deer; all make the most romantic visions…


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