Miss Fisher’s Style Secrets Can Now Be Yours

Miss Fisher’s Style Secrets Can Now Be Yours

Brought to you by Nuffnang, The National Trust & Miss Fisher Collection

Miss Fishers Accessory CollectionStepping into the sultry, glamorous world of lady detective Phryne Fisher has just become one step closer to reality.

Phryne’s own award winning costume designer Marion Boyce has just announced the release of an exclusive, limited edition line of Miss Fisher accessories to charm and delight.

“Golden hour” was the perfect time to visit Marion at the historical Labassa Mansion, the stately home where episode 6 of the latest series 3 was filmed.

Labassa Mansion

Including scarves, wraps, handbags and jewellery, each piece in this range has been lovingly created to exceptional quality standards.

The collection was designed to reflect Miss Fisher’s sense of irreverent elegance, taking cues from the colour palette and luxury of her 1920’s look rather than being overtly art deco influenced.Miss Fishers costumes

“These [fashion] pieces are all made in Melbourne, by the same team I use to make Phryne’s costumes.

Finding the fabrics was one of my greatest challenges, as in Australia it is just very limited, so I need to go back to one of my favourite places – the Shanghai fabric markets. I’ve been collecting trim for months and months.. it is all hand sewn.”

Cloth is very much a part of Phryne’s style, I use cloth as a character for her. She has this quite volcanic nature so fabric needs to announce itself into the room with Phryne. I’ve tried to incorporate that, fabrics with beautiful sounds.”

The jewellery collection, sourced from around the world, is all hand made in sterling silver with touches of marcasite, green agate and freshwater pearls.


These are timeless pieces that can be worn in a classic or cutting edge modern way. What we like to call Future Vintage – pieces you’ll keep forever.

There is a distinct hallmark of quality in all of these pieces evidenced by the drape, the weight and the finish. The shawls swing with purpose, hems weighted with superb trims. There is no “nasty Nylon” in this range.

“All of these pieces can transform what you’re wearing very simply. I wanted them to be devices so that if you need to dress up quite quickly for dinner, you can just have simple black dress or little top, then wrap yourself in this…. It has a great silhouette. You don’t need 65 new pieces of clothing, just one beautiful piece that can completely transform and make you feel a million dollars.”

It is no overstatement to say that with a few pieces of simple black in your wardrobe, this collection could enhance their beauty and purpose to an entirely luxurious ensemble. They make the concept of keeping a minimal wardrobe with exceptional accessories incredibly appealing.

Regardless of age or your existing closet, there is something in this range to suit every taste, from the extravagant to the understated.

The Miss Fisher Collection is available online now (yes, with international shipping) just in time for Mother’s Day. The range is also available in the National Trust retail stores as part of the travelling Miss Fisher’s costume exhibition.

For even more Miss Fisher glamour to add to your look, check out our Phyrne inspired 1920s hair and makeup tutorial!

Editor’s Picks: Fab Autumn Fashion Finds

Editor’s Picks: Fab Autumn Fashion Finds

I thought I had the weather outsmarted.

Two weeks ago it had gotten quite cold and grey. It rained every day and I’d come to the conclusion that summer was over. In my enthusiasm I pulled everything out of the wardrobe, packed away all my summer clothes and did the usual opshop run. I could hardly wait to get my hands on cute new autumn fashions.

Then the sun came out again. *Sigh*

The benefit of being a bit ahead of the season is that I’m already well into shopping for great new finds to supplement my autumn winter looks.

As you might imagine, I’m constantly on the lookout for cool vintage inspired cardigans and accessories to freshen up my wardrobe staples. You also know how much time that can take, wading through massive online shops to uncover a few knockout pieces.

Knowing that one of my favourite online stores often has such gems, I did the hard yards for you and put together this selection of my favorite vintage-inspired finds.

Check out these fun, inexpensive pieces to kick off your own autumn fashion fantasies!

Editor’s Picks: Autumn Knitwear

vintage style cardigans knitwearTop Row, Left to Right: Swallow Print Cardigan / Pointelle Cardigan   

Bottom Row, Left to Right: Pussy Bow Knit Top / Dot Patterned Deer Cardigan 

Editor’s Picks: Autumn Hats

PicMonkey CollageLeft to Right: Fedoras in various colourways / Beautiful veiled black hat / Rosette Beret 

Editor’s Picks: Autumn Accessories

Pretty New Hair accessoriesTop Row, Left to Right: French Bulldog bow band / Scissor hair clip 

Bottom Row, Left to Right: Rhinestone Stars Headband / Classic Bow hairpin

macaroon pieces

Left to Right: Macaron Luggage Tag / Macaron Parasol Umbrella

These picks are just the tip of the iceberg, of course. Do yourself a favor and visit Yesstyle, but be forewarned: it’s a massive site, so have a cuppa or glass of savvy B on hand when you browse the virtual racks.

As you know, I only recommend products and services I believe in, trust and/or use myself. Clicking on the Yesstyle links in this post not only takes you to fantastic fashion, but you’ll also help support our blog and community. Happy shopping! 

Sparkle in SparkleLux

Sparkle in SparkleLux

Sparklelux confetti lucite

Oh my fellow vintage loving friends, do you know just how much I adore SparkleLux? I first came across these delicious designs not long after they launched in 2010. SparkleLux is the original reproduction confetti lucite company, hand making each piece in their Palm Springs studio. Unlike many imitators, SparkleLux pieces are of the highest quality with stunning metallic flake and mirror high sheen. My very first pair (seen here) were the pink “Date  Bait” numbers which are in my top 10 accessories and travel everywhere with me.

To celebrate our wonderful American vintage road trip, we’ve teamed up with SparkleLux to give you the chance to WIN your very own pair of custom made gold crescent earrings!

sparklelux gold crescent

Sparklelux comp

I  highly recommend you check out the stunning range of pieces in the SparkleLux store, the home of high quality mid century inspired accessories.

Simply click through to enter!

Travel Wardrobe Ideas – How many pairs of shoes do you need?

Travel Wardrobe Ideas – How many pairs of shoes do you need?

Travel Wardrobe Ideas
Travel Wardrobe Ideas
I have finally hit upon the perfect minimalist shoe combination for all my travels!
After spending far too much of my luggage allowance on shoe weight in the past, I’ve taken a very analytical and practical approach to finding the best options that can handle my style of travel.
I needed:
  • Business meetings and public speaking engagements
  • Dinner dates and dancing
  • Long walks and shopping days

Basic Requirements:

  • Hot and cold weather
  • Suitable for long dresses, skirts or casual jeans
  • Incredibly comfortable and well fitting


How many shoes to take when travelling for two months

Left: Clarks Carousel (now on sale!)  Right: Clarks Azizi Immy (now on sale!)

As someone who not only has a specific shoe cabinet complete with it’s own showcase lighting, I also have around 130 plus pairs of shoes in rotation. The concept of being able to pare down this huge selection to only two for the next two months, was incredibly daunting. Shopping for shoes has become such an ordeal. It seems that the more fabulous shoes on offer, the less there are that actually meet the comfort and style factor.

While I’m okay with shopping for shoes online, it is still a bit risky. This is one purchase that I’m happy to trawl the malls to make; and trawling I did for these two pairs. After exhausting all the usual haunts I spotted the Clarks store out of the corner of my eye. I can’t say that I was drawn in by anything other than desperation at this stage, but I was in for quite the shock.

Gone was the old sensible school shoe type of store, and in it’s place I found such a great selection of beautiful new heels it was difficult to narrow down my choice to only two pairs. I’ve read lots of other bloggers in the UK and USA having fantastic finds in Clarks, but until recently, these had not hit Australian shores.

The sizing is slightly different to what we’re used to in Australia, so I highly recommend asking the sales attendant to help fit you properly. My choices? The classic black ballet flat takes me everywhere and is something I’m decidedly picky about. There are too many poorly manufactured options out there, offering no support and creating more problems than they solve.

I went with the “Carousel” in black patent leather and they have taken me everywhere. From Dubai to New York, around Melbourne and back to Philadelphia. These are the sorts of shoes I buy as many (in as many colours) as I can afford at the time and put away for back ups. They are that important to have in your shoe wardrobe.

The black “Aziz Immy” heels are a suede and yes, I even wore these on the cold streets in early New York winter. With a few good coats of waterproofing spray, they have handled the conditions admirably. No stains, no stretching and not even any scuffing. The gold detailing makes them the ideal blend of fancy and chic, allowing me to wear them with cocktail dresses and business attire. The footbed is so well constructed, with padding in all the right places, that I can wear these all day without the usual crippling effect of high heels.

These two simple pair of shoes are taking me everywhere for the next two months as I journey around the USA.

Pinup hair and makeup

Treasure Hunting.  Jewellery for Christmas

Treasure Hunting. Jewellery for Christmas

‘Brought to you by Nuffnang and Cash Converters


I am a treasure hunter.

There is nothing else that gives me quite the same rush of endorphins as finding a one of a kind, beautiful piece at a bargain price that totally knocks my socks off. The thrill is not just in the piece itself, but the overwhelming feeling that I am a genius, smarter than the masses, to have found this hidden gem. This is a feeling that all shopaholics and vintage lovers can relate to.

The problem is, with the mass market being exactly that, mass; it is getting harder and harder to find sources for this special kind of joy.

Last week I was invited by Cash Converters to come into store and explore the range of jewellery they have on offer. I’ll be honest. I’ve never shopped in a Cash Converters store and neither have they ever come to mind when I felt the need for a special piece of bling. I knew they existed, but they have just never registered on my radar either as a shopper or as a bargain hunter. It’s surprising just how quickly things change.



Cash Converters Affordable jewellery

When I stepped into the store, I was greeted by the smiling face of the sales lady polishing up her jewellery counter. Light, bright and shiny, and without a hint of “jewellery store intimidation”. (This is the feeling you can get when you walk into a store with diamond filled cases and feel like you’re being sized up for whether you should be allowed in there or not)

Cash Converters Affordable jewellery


Surreptitiously, I began to peruse the cases, expecting that I would be viewing rows and rows of out-dated 1990’s gold rings and bad chains.

Can I show you what first caught my eye?


Cash Converters Affordable jewellery

An emerald and diamond vintage bracelet.


SERIOUSLY!! How freaking gorgeous is that!


Once the store manager Anthony came in and introduced himself, my mind was well and truly open. The cases held a beautiful mix of classic, current and very vintage designs. I imagined myself wealthy enough to take my pick and fill every finger, yet I still couldn’t narrow it down to a top four.


Cash Converters Affordable jewellery

Cash Converters Affordable jewellery

Cash Converters Affordable jewellery


Cash Converters source their jewellery from all kinds of situations. The Emerald bracelet that I later discovered had a matching necklace (oh dear god!). Some pieces have been remade into custom designs, taking gems from various pieces and turning them into stunners. Others have been acquired for their high-end stones and beautifully modern settings.

The more Anthony and I spoke, the more I realised I’d stumbled across something fantastic. Here I was, standing at a gleaming jewellery counter, where not only did the pieces make my eyes glaze over with lust, but that I could afford.

I am very (very) partial to spending my money on jewellery; not only for its beauty, but I see it as a good investment. Rather than always buying the “disposable” costume jewellery, there is a perfect way to outfit yourself in diamonds, gold and precious stones. Swapping out your wardrobe!

Think of it like this; if you took all the random bits and bobs you have lying around in your jewellery case, old 21st presents etc, and took them into Cash Converters, you may have enough to upgrade to a more impressive piece. Then, once you’re over it, simply go back and trade up again.


This is the same system I use when acquiring so many of my beautiful vintage dresses but I’d never found an easy way to do this with jewellery. I have a number of pieces I no longer use or want and would like to sell. But doing this through an auction site can be costly, unreliable and a long-winded process.


Because Cash Converters sell most of their pieces beautifully restored and with a valuation certificate, I don’t have the same hesitation that I do when looking at supposedly vintage or antique jewellery online elsewhere. And yes, Cash Converters sell jewellery online and have close to 17,000 pieces listed. So any time of the day or night, when the need for a new and impressive piece calls (like the possibility of meeting royalty on my next overseas trip), I know exactly where I’ll be looking.


Oddly, I’d never once considered Cash Converters as a place for treasure hunting, yet I felt like I was pretty clever to discover this secret; even though I’d been invited. Yes, I’d gone in looking at jewellery but I’d also come out hyper excited about the prospect of diamonds and vintage video games!

Cash Converters vintage video games


Since my visit, I’ve been dropping Cash Converters into conversations with a number of people, trying to find out if they ever shop there. I’ve yet to hear anyone say yes. And you know what this means to a treasure hunter like me? The possibility of an undiscovered honey-pot!

I rather feel like I’m giving away a new secret location to you here, and if they hadn’t asked me to spread the word I may not have. (Just kidding, I love you guys).

So as I write this I have several tabs open on my computer; bookmarking some beautiful diamond earrings and a stunning art deco ring to put on the list of Christmas gifts I’d like to give myself. And just like the diamonds in them, I’ll know that these are one of a kind treasures.


Cash Converters Affordable jewellery

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Beetles, Bugs & Butterflies

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_single_image image=”14106″ border_color=”grey” img_link_target=”_self” img_size=”Large” alignment=”center”][dt_gap height=”30″][vc_column_text]

The last few days have been, without a doubt, two of the most fabulous of the year. They are the days when the last of the winter feelings lift and I feel compelled to break out the oysters and Chardonnay. The sunshine is almost hot at 4pm and everything in my garden is coming back to life, including me.  It may only be September, but the summer holidays are so close I can almost taste them.

Being the thematic dresser that I am, I love to celebrate this moment with something special. A new pair of shoes, a pair of bright red peddle pushers (that’s today), and blouse buddies in these beautiful figural forms. I went to visit my friend at Designer Showcase and had a poke around to borrow some of her most wonderful vintage figural brooches that capture the season for me.

[/vc_column_text][dt_gap height=”20″][dt_slideshow width=”800″ height=”450″ posts=”vintage-figural-brooches”][dt_gap height=”30″][vc_column_text]

If you fancy adding these guys, or any of their garden friends to your Spring wardrobe, have a chat to Marsha at Designer Showcase vintage jewellery (a good friend and sponsor of the blog), and she’ll help you find just the right thing in her extensive collection.