Vintage Loungewear

Vintage Loungewear


Vintage dressing gowns form the backbone of my collection. There is nothing so glamorous and relaxing as having these to swan about in after work.

Pieces from the late 1930s through to the mid 1970s all have a home with me. Satins, silks, velvets, cottons and yes, even pretty polyester have their place in my wardrobe. You’ve seen my latest green velveteen find, so today is another great op shop discovery that is perfect for warm spring afternoons. Like good lingerie, good robes or dressing gowns, can transform the everyday into something very special. The feeling of slipping into something floaty or frilly, soft and feathered or long and silky after a hard day is simply transcendent. This is where that wonderful feeling of “feeling sexy” comes from; from inside. When you treat yourself like someone special, just for you and no one else, it springs from within and your mood lifts to meet it.




Vintage peach robe – Op Shop find

Pink bangle – Op shop find

Nails – “Coral Me Wild” Revlon

Lips – MAC “Russian Red”

Shot on location in a fabulous living space at Porter Davis World of Style here in Melbourne

Looks Like Grace Kelly

Looks Like Grace Kelly



A few months ago, the team at Thread Den here in Melbourne ran a sewing challenge. The idea was to create your own outfit inspired by Grace Kelly, in recognition of the movie’s release.

As an enthusiastic sewer myself (more enthusiasm, less doing), I knew just how challenging this competition was going to be, so I offered to sponsor a prize for the winner.

When Dani from Thread Den sent me the snap shots of Adele and her creation, I was just stunned. Not only was her gown the most beautiful creation, she was even a blonde Grace Kelly look alike!

Through our vintage hair and makeup salon here in Melbourne, I offered to spend a day with the winner, transforming her into a classic hollywood vision. After all the incredible effort these ladies had gone to creating their masterpieces, I wanted to capture and share the winning dress with you too.

Adele and I chatted away about our families, our shared loved of classic films and the intoxicating detail of costume. There is the most wonderful sense of understanding you find almost immediately through a shared love of vintage. Comparing childhoods, we were amazed and amused to find out how much we had in common; from the books we read to the imagination games we played. I think perhaps that all my vintage loving friends, yourself included, may fall under these same spells.

A huge thank you goes to my wonderful friend Helen McLean Photography and her trained eye for vintage glamour. Helen met Adele and myself in the salon, were we were able to capture these stunning images.





It was such a pleasure spending the day with Adele. A far cry from her usual stay at home mum attire, she thoroughly enjoyed her time playing old hollywood with us, and I think she looks absolutely born to it!


If you fancy spending a day with Helen and I creating images like this, simply drop her a line via her website. And if you’re in Melbourne, you can always book in for a private lesson with me in the salon or book to join our Beautiful Day workshop on November 15th.


Beetles, Bugs & Butterflies

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The last few days have been, without a doubt, two of the most fabulous of the year. They are the days when the last of the winter feelings lift and I feel compelled to break out the oysters and Chardonnay. The sunshine is almost hot at 4pm and everything in my garden is coming back to life, including me.  It may only be September, but the summer holidays are so close I can almost taste them.

Being the thematic dresser that I am, I love to celebrate this moment with something special. A new pair of shoes, a pair of bright red peddle pushers (that’s today), and blouse buddies in these beautiful figural forms. I went to visit my friend at Designer Showcase and had a poke around to borrow some of her most wonderful vintage figural brooches that capture the season for me.

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If you fancy adding these guys, or any of their garden friends to your Spring wardrobe, have a chat to Marsha at Designer Showcase vintage jewellery (a good friend and sponsor of the blog), and she’ll help you find just the right thing in her extensive collection.


Is wearing vintage a form of S&M?

Is wearing vintage a form of S&M?

Unforgiving fabrics, hungry metal zippers, tight corsets for support and skirts so tight I can only take half steps.

After another wonderful day of swanning around in a marvellous 1940’s creation, corseted up to the tightest I can lace, forcing the zipper closed; there is a sweet release at the end of the day that no constant spandex wearer will ever know.

It all begins in the closet where rows and rows of garments with their wasp waists, side zippers and delicate seams from eras past, tease me with their good looks. Lined up looking sultry, severe or ingenue sweet; they promise me their transformative powers and offer to carry me away on our own personal romance. But there is a double edge sword.

My fellow vintage lovers; we know the hours and hours of torturous pleasure we give ourselves lurking online lusting over ball gowns, tea dresses, sequins and cashmere. Those one of a kind, dead stock pieces that are worth every penny of the months wage they cost, knowing that, short of a financial miracle, they’ll never be ours. We search by price, by era and most cruelly of all, by waist measurement. The mental battle we wage trying to determine just how we can sneak these beauties in to our pre-existing relationships, can continue for months, while little heart icons mock us from the page.

If we manage to emerge triumphant from this scene, the battle has only just begun. Rarely do they arrive all bright and pristine, meaning we now have to endure the wait required whilst they are treated, cleaned and repaired. When the day of wearing finally arrives, a process of care in dressing must be followed. A specific order that changes as each garment demands. Perhaps we begin with hair and makeup, while our arms still stretch before being bound into sleeves and collars. Perhaps the fastenings are such that a series of gentle movements, easing each joint through tiny openings marks the beginning of the day. Perhaps extra hands must be called for to tighten laces and guide zippers, so awkwardly placed but critical to the finished silhouette. There is never a carelessness in vintage dressing.

Finally corseted, stocking’d and coiffed, we go to greet the rigours of the modern world. There will be no running for buses, or slouching in seats; every movement is a reminder of what lies beneath. Our erect posture and wiggle walk is not an affectation, but rather the physical outworking of the architecture of our wardrobe. Heads must be held high, shoulders back straight and steps measured carefully, avoiding pavements pitfalls. There is a carriage in both body and mentality that springs from our seams.

When the days end comes and many seek the simple relief of removing their suits; while we turn instead to the incomparable moments of snapping off garters, rolling off stockings and releasing tight laces.

As I feel my body sigh and stretch into it’s simple evening slip, I wonder;  this love we have for our vintage fashion, is this more than a simple style romance?


Daily Outfit – Glam Bathroom Style

Daily Outfit – Glam Bathroom Style


You know how we wish our homes could be reflections of our style and personality? Well, after visiting World Of Style last week, I thought it would be fun to re-visit these spaces with some of my outfits I thought really suited the space.

Today it’s Classic Bathroom style and classic lingerie to match.



I’d love to have a bathroom this large and lush!

Outfit Details

All in one, open bottom, shaper with suspenders – Kiss Me Deadly “Vargas ” dress.

Stockings – Cervin- Paris.

Gown – Vintage burn out silk velvet with lambs wool trim.

Nail Colour – “I Eat Mainly Lobster” by OPI.

Shot on location at Porter Davis World of Style in South Melbourne.

The Perfect Reproduction Vintage Dress

The Perfect Reproduction Vintage Dress


Spring time!

Time to freshen up the wardrobe and start busting out my favourite colours. I don’t have a lot of green in the wardrobe, but as you can see, it features quite strongly in my decor.

This gorgeous two piece ensemble is by Jack’s Daughter here in Melbourne. Everything is hand made from original vintage fabric and trims. Jenny is an absolute gem, making pieces to order and with such attention to detail that I now have at least ten of her creations in my collection.

I also treated myself to some new spring jewellery I’ve wanted for so long. The perfect earring and clamper bracelet set from Chronically Vintage. Jessica has a superb selection in her Etsy store, but this yellow bracelet (earrings not shown here), really took my breath away. I’d never seen these sets in this colour!


It may be Spring and only just starting to warm up, but you may have noticed that Lola is being her usual lazy self and hiding out in these shots. The warmth of the sun through the window and the safety of her chair, means she’s not budging for anyone!

Outfit Details

Silken 2 piece vintage reproduction dress – Jack’s Daughter

Kelly Green cardigan – Trashy Diva

Vintage Yellow clamper bangle – Chronically Vintage

Yellow daisy earrings – Lovisa

Shoes – Take 2 Markets find