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The last few days have been, without a doubt, two of the most fabulous of the year. They are the days when the last of the winter feelings lift and I feel compelled to break out the oysters and Chardonnay. The sunshine is almost hot at 4pm and everything in my garden is coming back to life, including me.  It may only be September, but the summer holidays are so close I can almost taste them.

Being the thematic dresser that I am, I love to celebrate this moment with something special. A new pair of shoes, a pair of bright red peddle pushers (that’s today), and blouse buddies in these beautiful figural forms. I went to visit my friend at Designer Showcase and had a poke around to borrow some of her most wonderful vintage figural brooches that capture the season for me.

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If you fancy adding these guys, or any of their garden friends to your Spring wardrobe, have a chat to Marsha at Designer Showcase vintage jewellery (a good friend and sponsor of the blog), and she’ll help you find just the right thing in her extensive collection.