You know how we wish our homes could be reflections of our style and personality? Well, after visiting World Of Style last week, I thought it would be fun to re-visit these spaces with some of my outfits I thought really suited the space.

Today it’s Classic Bathroom style and classic lingerie to match.



I’d love to have a bathroom this large and lush!

Outfit Details

All in one, open bottom, shaper with suspenders – Kiss Me Deadly “Vargas ” dress.

Stockings – Cervin- Paris.

Gown – Vintage burn out silk velvet with lambs wool trim.

Nail Colour – “I Eat Mainly Lobster” by OPI.

Shot on location at Porter Davis World of Style in South Melbourne.


  1. That is pretty much my dream bathroom – right down to the industrial red brick wall. The mister would prefer a soaker tub, which are fab for sure, but nothing beats classic claw foot in my books.

    ? Jessica


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