Daily Outfit – Red hot red, pastels and vintage lace.

Daily Outfit – Red hot red, pastels and vintage lace.


This is one special daily outfit today. As a part of my role as a Mercedes-Benz Championship blogger for The Race Around the Web, I had the opportunity to spend the day driving around in the hot off the boat, brand new B Class! I think I may have finally found my perfect car with its seriously luxe glam factor. We went a little crazy taking outfit shots for this one because it just felt like the perfect synergy between my own style and how gorgeous this car is.

I fell in love with the sleek curves, glossy red body and plush pale leather seats; but mostly I fell in love with the pure drama of it!

If you want to be in the running to WIN this absolute stunner of a Mercedes-Benz B Class, amongst other amazing prizes, check out the Race Around the Web  and the Super Kawaii Mama Championship track now! And make sure to use that “Share” button at the bottom of the post, cause I’ll bet if your best friend wins it, they’ll take you cruising in style too!


Outfit Details

Dress – Original 1950’s vintage lace cocktail dress Similar vintage style lace dress.

Scarf – hand rolled silk vintage scarf

Earrings – Lovisa.

Pastel studded bracelet – Lovisa. I’ve also just bought this pastel two tone studded bracelet to wear with it – so cute!

 Gloves Kid leather driving gloves

Tri-tone pastel shoes – Betts new arrivals. These gorgeous Versus multi pastel heels would be a killer match too.

Blush pink bag – Forever New

Sunglasses – 50’s style catseye sunglasses Luella

*All original images by Helen McLean for Vintage Current – Images may be reproduced with appropriate permissions. Feel free to add to Pinterest, Tumblr etc…* 


OSIM uSqueeze — The Best Treat for My Feet!

OSIM uSqueeze — The Best Treat for My Feet!

I love shoes. And I love shopping. But put these two together and it often results in a heck of a lot of post shopping complaints, tired legs and a box of pain killers.

Yes, I have been told to wear sensible shoes, but its tough when there are so many beautiful ones on offer.  I am adding to my collection of more flat-ish shoes, but nothing beats the wiggle inducing stiletto for me.  The problem is that you pay for it.

I have arthritis in my knees and suffer from edema.

Without a doubt, the OSIM uSqueeze has made a monumental difference to the amount of pain and swelling I suffer from.

female shoes over white background

I’ve been trying all sorts of things to help my legs return to their normal selves after a big night out; foot spas, hot towel wraps, even lying with my feet up the wall at 3am after a particularly big night out. None of this has been working very well really, but I the OSIM uSqueeze does such an incredible job the the swelling is almost gone after only 20 minutes!

You’ll remember last month as part of Relaxation August, OSIM sent me a special something to help take away the Hunchback of Notre Dame cramps in my shoulders? This time they suggested a solution for my legs and feet that I just couldn’t resist – the uSqueeze Warm.

This arrived in a great big box on my front doorstep, (which has also proven to be a very handy children’s play thing) and promptly found a home in my living room.

First off I have to say how awesome is it that this model matches my living room furniture?! And given that my furniture is retro-tastic, what are the odds?  Anyway, this heavenly piece of kit is a deep red leather with a sort of pouch arrangement at the front to slide your aching feet and legs into. Like so…

Yes, I am in my pyjamas and rollers. This is a proper relaxation effort here.

It has a few simple selections which create a vibration, heat and the most intense massaging rollers you’ve ever felt!  Seriously, this is no fairy fingered machine, this is the business. The rollers actually roll and squeeze the entire tops and bottoms of your feet, while another set of rollers squeeze and roll the length of your calves.

It focuses on muscles and pressure points, working them in a kneading motion helping improve lymphatic drainage. The warming feature is so toasty and snug it is even better than having the puppies sit on my feet.

The inside bit where your legs go is a fabric cover that can come off for washing, and opens up with a zipper if you just want to put your feet in and not your whole legs. The whole unit can tilt to different angles depending on how you want to sit, what part of your legs you want to concentrate on, or even tilt all the way around to be a foot rest when it isn’t in use.

But warning – this could very well send you straight to sleep!

Total bliss….

Knowing how much I enjoyed this, and just how many of you are also shopaholic shoe fiends, OSIM has kindly offered to give a special exclusive 10% discount to all our readers yet again!

And do you know what else… after the uPapa hug was such a hit with you, they have offered one of these uSqueeze Warm machines to give away to you too! (Seriously, I’m amazed how much cool stuff I can share with you, it’s the best!)

So here is what you need to do:

GO – to the OSIM site and register your details to enter the draw

WRITE – me a comment with a link to a picture of your favourite shoes (they don’t have to actually belong to you, they can just be wish list shoes)

You have until Friday 1st October to register!

And while we’re talking about winning cool stuff,  CONGRATULATIONS to Bianca Gaetani who has her very own uPapa Hug turning up any day now!


Relax With A Hug — The uPapa Hug

Relax With A Hug — The uPapa Hug

The schedule I’ve been keeping for the last few months has left me a bit weary. In truth, actually very weary and possibly with a hump… I’m suffering from a lack of sleep, not eating properly, running out of clean washing and I think one shoulder is almost touching my ear from mouse induced cramps.  High time to call a “Time Out” I think.

While I can’t put my life or my business on hold, I can make a concerted effort to change my ways for a while and so I’m calling in a Relaxation Month. A week to re-group, to get to bed early without guilt, to find those things that will restore the balance in my universe. And I want you to come along too.

I decided to do something that had been on my list for a very long time – find myself a personal masseuse. Oh the luxury! But reality is that the cost of getting a masseuse to rock up to my lounge room each night might just have put me into the poor house, and I’m not sure that they do 1am call outs.

It was then I had one of those “well duh!” moments, and remembered checking out the OSIM store and all their at-home massage products last time I was in Singapore.

OSIM make those massage chairs that are the rolls royce of at home relaxation indulgence. Sitting in one of those to try out in store elicits an almost indecent response from its occupants. But I’d forgotten until recently about all the other goodies they make. So wanting a champagne experience on my beer budget, I hunted out the OSIM uPapa Hug to fix my back and shoulder woes.

The uPapa Hug is built kind of like a shawl type arrangement. It goes over your neck and shoulders and is weighted to stay put and create the best contact with your body. Inside it are tiny little men with great big hammers that give your shoulders a total work out. (They may be motors or something but I prefer to think of the little men in there).  It is a simple plug it in to the wall and press the button to go, type of system. You can choose a Relaxing program or a Power program depending on what you feel like, but you don’t have to set anything complex or strap it down to a chair.

osim and a good book

Unlike other at home massage products on the market I tried, it doesn’t rely on electronic muscle stimulation which I actually find rather exhausting in itself. It feels exactly like someone standing behind you giving your shoulders either a gentle or vigorous pummelling. As it cycles through its program you can feel the whole area warming up and your muscles melting into a softer, smoother release. Like giving a big sigh.

The other thing that sold me on the uPapa Hug, is that you can move it around all over your body. Down around your lower back, over your thighs, heck even wrap it around your butt if you’ve been doing too much stair master! I’ve been trying for a while to get my back and shoulders into shape as all this time at the keyboard is doing me in. $130 for each physiotherapy appointment (eek!), $90 an hour for a professional massage and even $45 for half an hour at one of those shopping mall massage places…. At those prices I just can’t give my back the constant attention it is so sorely needing.  So coming in at $288 RRP, the uPapa Hug was going to pay for itself it no time at all!

osim on the phone

With all this in mind, and leaving their store mightily impresses, I contact OSIM to tell them about my plan for Relaxation Month and to see if they might be able to offer my readers something to help us all take a load off this August. They kindly offered to be a sponsor for Relaxation Month, and sent me my own uPapa as well as one to give away!  And not only that, they are offering 10% off for each and every one of your who’d like one of these for your own.

osim wish you were here

So if you’d like the chance to WIN your own uPapa Hug all you have to do is go here and register your details to be in with a chance.

And if you want one all for your very own self (or even to share with all the family) you can get your 10%off voucher here. Just register here and your voucher will be sent directly to you.

Make sure you leave me a comment letting me know you’ve registered (to help me keep track) and also with any of your favorite relaxation tips! Over the month I’ll link back to you and you favorite relaxifying treats!

If you’d like to check them out in store and give them a thorough trial for yourself, you can find a list of Australian OSIM stores here.  They have locations in Victoria, NSW and QLD or the online store has loads of options and information.

Over the rest of August I’ll be writing all about my journey for a bit of rest and relaxation in true Glamour Girl style. How I’m managing to do it or otherwise, and re-charging those batteries to keep creating. Yes, there will still be Daily Outfits and lots of other updates, but also lots of hints, tips, trick and recommendations to help you beat the mid year slump that we all too often fall into. After all, one can’t keep their groove without their mojo!