The schedule I’ve been keeping for the last few months has left me a bit weary. In truth, actually very weary and possibly with a hump… I’m suffering from a lack of sleep, not eating properly, running out of clean washing and I think one shoulder is almost touching my ear from mouse induced cramps.  High time to call a “Time Out” I think.

While I can’t put my life or my business on hold, I can make a concerted effort to change my ways for a while and so I’m calling in a Relaxation Month. A week to re-group, to get to bed early without guilt, to find those things that will restore the balance in my universe. And I want you to come along too.

I decided to do something that had been on my list for a very long time – find myself a personal masseuse. Oh the luxury! But reality is that the cost of getting a masseuse to rock up to my lounge room each night might just have put me into the poor house, and I’m not sure that they do 1am call outs.

It was then I had one of those “well duh!” moments, and remembered checking out the OSIM store and all their at-home massage products last time I was in Singapore.

OSIM make those massage chairs that are the rolls royce of at home relaxation indulgence. Sitting in one of those to try out in store elicits an almost indecent response from its occupants. But I’d forgotten until recently about all the other goodies they make. So wanting a champagne experience on my beer budget, I hunted out the OSIM uPapa Hug to fix my back and shoulder woes.

The uPapa Hug is built kind of like a shawl type arrangement. It goes over your neck and shoulders and is weighted to stay put and create the best contact with your body. Inside it are tiny little men with great big hammers that give your shoulders a total work out. (They may be motors or something but I prefer to think of the little men in there).  It is a simple plug it in to the wall and press the button to go, type of system. You can choose a Relaxing program or a Power program depending on what you feel like, but you don’t have to set anything complex or strap it down to a chair.

osim and a good book

Unlike other at home massage products on the market I tried, it doesn’t rely on electronic muscle stimulation which I actually find rather exhausting in itself. It feels exactly like someone standing behind you giving your shoulders either a gentle or vigorous pummelling. As it cycles through its program you can feel the whole area warming up and your muscles melting into a softer, smoother release. Like giving a big sigh.

The other thing that sold me on the uPapa Hug, is that you can move it around all over your body. Down around your lower back, over your thighs, heck even wrap it around your butt if you’ve been doing too much stair master! I’ve been trying for a while to get my back and shoulders into shape as all this time at the keyboard is doing me in. $130 for each physiotherapy appointment (eek!), $90 an hour for a professional massage and even $45 for half an hour at one of those shopping mall massage places…. At those prices I just can’t give my back the constant attention it is so sorely needing.  So coming in at $288 RRP, the uPapa Hug was going to pay for itself it no time at all!

osim on the phone

With all this in mind, and leaving their store mightily impresses, I contact OSIM to tell them about my plan for Relaxation Month and to see if they might be able to offer my readers something to help us all take a load off this August. They kindly offered to be a sponsor for Relaxation Month, and sent me my own uPapa as well as one to give away!  And not only that, they are offering 10% off for each and every one of your who’d like one of these for your own.

osim wish you were here

So if you’d like the chance to WIN your own uPapa Hug all you have to do is go here and register your details to be in with a chance.

And if you want one all for your very own self (or even to share with all the family) you can get your 10%off voucher here. Just register here and your voucher will be sent directly to you.

Make sure you leave me a comment letting me know you’ve registered (to help me keep track) and also with any of your favorite relaxation tips! Over the month I’ll link back to you and you favorite relaxifying treats!

If you’d like to check them out in store and give them a thorough trial for yourself, you can find a list of Australian OSIM stores here.  They have locations in Victoria, NSW and QLD or the online store has loads of options and information.

Over the rest of August I’ll be writing all about my journey for a bit of rest and relaxation in true Glamour Girl style. How I’m managing to do it or otherwise, and re-charging those batteries to keep creating. Yes, there will still be Daily Outfits and lots of other updates, but also lots of hints, tips, trick and recommendations to help you beat the mid year slump that we all too often fall into. After all, one can’t keep their groove without their mojo!


  1. What a great device! I often craft a good neck and shoulder rub (but rarely get it). Thank you for trialling it for the rest of us 😉 I have entered the competition, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

    Decent relaxation is missing from my life too.

    • Tia: These WOULD be perfect for knitters and crafters. Do you get the old hunchy look I do after a few days solid work?

  2. I just love the layout of this post!! With the antiqued looking books and the tilted’s really interesting viusally 🙂 Oh, and love the idea of the uPapa hug.

    • Trashastika: Thank you so much! I decided to do something a little different with this one and am having fun trying to learn some of my new MAC toys. The uPapa Hug is a life saver for me at the moment. Even better than a sexy massage guy cause it just keeps going and going and never chats back! ;P

  3. Sounds like my kind of month!!
    I think it gets hard this time of year. The miserable weather means less exercise for those of us not inclined to hit the gym and the lack of sunshine can bring the mood down and the stress levels up!

    I might just treat myself to a long, hot bath. Surely all of this rain has topped up the storage enough to ease my guilt!

    P.S. I entered the competition and have my toes and fingers crossed.

  4. Ive entered the comp!! I completly understand about how expensive getting a professional massage can be! after backpacking around europe recently I would give anything to get the knots out of my back!
    and love the new format of text and photos!

  5. Have entered the competition too 🙂
    How lovely a home massager would be! My right shoulder is feeling very bunched up from computer use too…

    My favourite relaxation activity is to escape reality by watching a dvd. It doesn’t even have to be an especially good one, I watched ‘Overboard’ with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell back in the 80’s the other day! But it was just the right kind of light distraction that I craved 😀

  6. That device looks so nice and comfy recently I’ve been really tense feeling in my back and shoulders I’m calling it year 12 tension makes me feel how much I want a massage

  7. Wow, I *need* one! My boyfriend is always saying that my shoulders are so tight and knotted up, I should have a personal masseuse following me around all day.. 🙂

    When I want to relax, I need to not talk to anybody – no phone, no internet, no people. I like reading or playing video games while doing facial masks!

  8. […] all that, can you see why I’ve declared August Relaxation Month?! Make sure you check out yesterday’s post and leave me a comment as well as register to win your own super relaxing […]

  9. Hi SKM,

    I have been moping around home for the last week wearing my very very ugly not at all vintage or glamours, neck collar. Thank you soo much I have entered to comp and fingers crossed. This would be great not so many physio appointments.

    Love <3

    • Jayne: Oh you poor dear! I feel your pain 🙁 All I can recommend for the collar is a bit of deco-ing swarovski style for a bit of a giggle. 🙂 Good luck!

  10. I have entered the competition. I have been doing some serious Zumba and gym workouts, plus working sewing so many hats I understand that “hunchy” feeling…this sounds lovely and relaxing!!!

  11. Hello there,

    I love your blog – I enjoy checking out all your lovely outfits. Just thought I’d let you know that I entered too, to help you keep track of how many of your readers have entered.

    – Kellee.

  12. Hello!!
    Love this blog – so cute. Ahh August relaxation month; I like it.
    My tips for relaxing; a good book/magazine or movie, a nice coffee or glass of wine, something sweet (cadbury marble chocolate is my fav’ nibble at the moment) and it sometimes help to have someone easy on the eye to relax with (and to rub my back!)

    I would love love LOVE to win this uPapa hug – it is such a unique and clever invention; and even though I am only 21 I suffer the most terrible back/shoulder aches thanks to scoliosis – I know this isn’t a miracle cure for this stupid and frustrating back disorder (argh makes me mad!) – but it would be so good to help relieve all the tension and inflamation I get… And would be great when my fiancee’ is on night shift and can’t massage my back! And I do a lot of yoga trying to correct my back and stretching it can often leave me quite sore so this wonderful prize would be a god send it would even be delightful after card making/ blogging/ reading for hours on end when I start getting that “hunchy” feeling!!

    Thanks so much for writing such a lovely blog.

    Feel free to check out mine!!

  13. Oh my goodness I love this! I just registered. I so need something like this, but on a poor uni student budget, it aint gonna happen for a while…
    Fingers crossed!

  14. Was looking for something for hubby for fathers day…something to rival the lawnmower I got for mothers day…..but, he might actually use this….so I need my own!

    • addit – i entered the comp ages ago, but forgot to post. oops. silly me.
      I would so love to win. I’ve been getting the kids to massage me…being young, thier easy to influence. Trouble is, they use so much moisturiser, which ends up everywhere…I can pretty much glide along the floor once they are done. This would be so much less messy!

  15. Oooh how I would LOVE one of these! Whether its from working on the workbench or the computer, my shoulders are up around my ears and tight as drums. I think I might have to go find a massage right now – even just a $20 one from those shopping centre guys would be better than nothing.
    You look so happy and comfortable in it! Gotta admit I’m feeling a little jealous over here!


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