Travel Wardrobe Ideas
Travel Wardrobe Ideas
I have finally hit upon the perfect minimalist shoe combination for all my travels!
After spending far too much of my luggage allowance on shoe weight in the past, I’ve taken a very analytical and practical approach to finding the best options that can handle my style of travel.
I needed:
  • Business meetings and public speaking engagements
  • Dinner dates and dancing
  • Long walks and shopping days

Basic Requirements:

  • Hot and cold weather
  • Suitable for long dresses, skirts or casual jeans
  • Incredibly comfortable and well fitting


How many shoes to take when travelling for two months

Left: Clarks Carousel (now on sale!)  Right: Clarks Azizi Immy (now on sale!)

As someone who not only has a specific shoe cabinet complete with it’s own showcase lighting, I also have around 130 plus pairs of shoes in rotation. The concept of being able to pare down this huge selection to only two for the next two months, was incredibly daunting. Shopping for shoes has become such an ordeal. It seems that the more fabulous shoes on offer, the less there are that actually meet the comfort and style factor.

While I’m okay with shopping for shoes online, it is still a bit risky. This is one purchase that I’m happy to trawl the malls to make; and trawling I did for these two pairs. After exhausting all the usual haunts I spotted the Clarks store out of the corner of my eye. I can’t say that I was drawn in by anything other than desperation at this stage, but I was in for quite the shock.

Gone was the old sensible school shoe type of store, and in it’s place I found such a great selection of beautiful new heels it was difficult to narrow down my choice to only two pairs. I’ve read lots of other bloggers in the UK and USA having fantastic finds in Clarks, but until recently, these had not hit Australian shores.

The sizing is slightly different to what we’re used to in Australia, so I highly recommend asking the sales attendant to help fit you properly. My choices? The classic black ballet flat takes me everywhere and is something I’m decidedly picky about. There are too many poorly manufactured options out there, offering no support and creating more problems than they solve.

I went with the “Carousel” in black patent leather and they have taken me everywhere. From Dubai to New York, around Melbourne and back to Philadelphia. These are the sorts of shoes I buy as many (in as many colours) as I can afford at the time and put away for back ups. They are that important to have in your shoe wardrobe.

The black “Aziz Immy” heels are a suede and yes, I even wore these on the cold streets in early New York winter. With a few good coats of waterproofing spray, they have handled the conditions admirably. No stains, no stretching and not even any scuffing. The gold detailing makes them the ideal blend of fancy and chic, allowing me to wear them with cocktail dresses and business attire. The footbed is so well constructed, with padding in all the right places, that I can wear these all day without the usual crippling effect of high heels.

These two simple pair of shoes are taking me everywhere for the next two months as I journey around the USA.

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