July Winter Styling Workshops

July Winter Styling Workshops


Invest in yourself!

Over the last six months you’ve been sending me your considered feedback on what you’d like to learn, helping you make each day more stylish, more affordable and faster to achieve. You’ve told me about how little time you have for yourself each day, how when a special occasion comes around your excited, but not sure how to pull it off. You’ve told me that you want to shop smarter, use your wardrobe better and create impressive hairstyles with the flick of a wrist. I listened, and together you and I have put together the outline for our brand new workshop series!

July 25th in Doncaster, Melbourne will be your opportunity to join us for this experience. Our workshops are like nothing you’ve done before, we make hands on, lasting knowledge the foundation of our sessions. Sure it’s a fun day out, but this is serious stuff.

Think about how much do you usually spend at the salon every month? Around $150-300 if you’re like the average Australian woman. Styling your hair and wardrobe can be expensive, time consuming and intimidating. It doesn’t have to be that way!

I know from your feedback that most women would love to manage their own styling, both hair and fashion, but don’t know where to turn for trustworthy and affordable styling advice in a real and effective sense. And that’s exactly why we developed these brand-new styling workshops; with input from our top styling clients of all ages.

For a game-changing day of style and glamour training, we invite you to join us at our newest workshops …

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Autumn Fashion Inspirations

Autumn Fashion Inspirations

It snuck up behind us when we weren’t looking and became Autumn ever so quickly.

Before you could even remember to write 2015 on everything, the shops have changed their stock, chocolates line the shelves and long sleeved fashions are upon us.

Before you go out and hit up the stores looking for the new, the improved and the utterly fabulous; take a breath and learn to mix and match what you have into some great transitional combinations.

Learn to layer, to be prepared (remember that umbrella), and add piece by piece to your look to take your summer dresses into more flexible territory.

Transitions in blue

A light weight maxi dress becomes fit for a casual dinner date, with the addition of a kimono style cardigan, elegant flats and Egyptian inspired jewellery. Remember your large statement tote so if the weather does warm up, you needn’t be carrying around this knit over your arm all day.

Transitions in pink

Your favourite floral ensemble carries you through afternoon and into the evening by adding both a cropped bolero to ensure that waist is still a feature, and an incredibly warm pashmina. Carrying your flats in your satchel means any dashes for a cab in the rain aren’t a health hazard, and there will be no shoddy old brollys for you.

Green Transitions
Weekends are fun and colourful in Kelly green. A Navy cloche protects you do from the wind while your retro 90’s scarf can serve all manner of purposes, from keeping a chill at bay to hanging jauntily from the handle of your bag. Paired with some leopard print flats and a pair of OTT lions head gold earrings, you’re ready to handle almost any social occasion the weekend can throw at you.
Red &Gold Transitions

The standard black, office shift dress is one of the most versatile trans-seasonal items in your wardrobe. Add a mid weight pair of stockings, a sophisticated booty, a long glove and you’re ready for anything. Pairing it with this quilted backpack helps to anchor the look into the ever so slightly more practical and keeps your hands free to hold the hood of your cape in close to your rosy cheeks.

The Tropical Destinations Just a Moment Away

The Tropical Destinations Just a Moment Away

As you sit there, staring at those clear waters and swaying palm tress on your screen saver; ask yourself, “What am I waiting for?

While I pulled out my woollens and dusted off the umbrella last week, an email came asking if I fancied visiting Noumea. To my shame I had to head to Google for answers, thinking that perhaps Noumea was somewhere on the eastern seaboard here; charming, but still requiring a few extra layers. Nothing could be further from the reality and, as a short check on Wikipedia showed me, I should have immediately realised that as a French colony, it was not a part of Australia. Perhaps I can put it down to the lack of caffeine that morning, but my eyes had skipped over one of the very important lines of the email which read, “Aircalin inaugural flight, Melbourne to New Caledonia”. Once my morning fog had cleared and the images of Aircalin’s bright red Hibiscus flower logo had entranced me, I knew I was in for a big adventure.

Three and a half hours; that is all it took to fly directly from Melbourne to New Caledonia. Three and a half hours for Australians is a simple jot up to the country to see friends, a commute to work or even just popping out for milk (ok not quite). The concept of a World Heritage listed, tropical paradise holiday only three and a half hours from my door was almost unbelievable; until I experienced Aircalin.

Greeted in the Business Class lounge by the CEO of the airline, his passion and enthusiasm for New Caledonia was matched only by his elegant grey suit and vermillion orange tie. I complimented him on his look and asked for local fashion tips when he replied with a smile, “I have my suits made in Paris when I go home.” But of course! New Caledonia is a French Territory, and as such all the delights of french culture, food and wine awaited us.  As if on cue, I was handed an effervescent glass of GH Mumm Champagne. My glamorous tropical adventure had begun.


Whenever I fly, the first thing I look forward to is receiving the menu and mentally preparing myself for the treats in store. Being presented with a French Champagne and wine list prepared me exceptionally well, as high school French phrases came tumbling back into my consciousness.

In a very amusing and apt moment, I was also presented with this little gift from Aircalin as a memento of our Inaugural Flight. Without their knowledge, they had stumbled across one of my “in jokes” of travel.



A short water taxi ride from the Noumea marina, is La Escapde; an earthly paradise by anyone’s standards. As a traveller who requires both adventure, glamour and luxury, Escapade Island Resort is my ideal island holiday destination.

Learn more about our Towel Rating System here.

I may not be much of a sun person but I can certainly recommend this method of increasing your vitamin D. With water so clear I could see the fish dart in an out around the turtles mottled shells, and skies of the most beautiful blue, I was in absolute heaven.

From the balcony of the over water homes, you could see clearly into the coral below and with a few steps, enter from your private stairway.

The idyllic pace of the island could be offset for those who chose the more adventurous jet skiing, but for Lady Melbourne and myself, a lazy afternoon of white sands and the sounds of water lapping was all that we needed.

As I indulged in the magnificent buffet of local seafood, decadent patisserie and full bodied French Bordeaux, I wondered how long it would be before I could arrange to bring Mr.SKM and the girls back here. Escapade Island is without a doubt the perfect holiday destination for each of us.


Daily Outfit – Polka Dot Vintage Dress Day

Daily Outfit – Polka Dot Vintage Dress Day

It may be Autumn in Melbourne already, but we are lucky to sneak in a few lovely days here and there. Provided you bring a cardi, you can enjoy a bit of a brunch in the sun.

The fabulous ladies at Trashy Diva, who I met while last in New Orleans, kindly sent me this wonderful polka dot version of my favourite Trixie Dress the other day. It’s rare that I go down the polka dot vintage dress road, but for Trixie my wardrobe door is always open. This is without a doubt, my absolute favourite dress block in the range they make. I have it in about seven different prints and fabrics, and that still isn’t enough!

The halter neck and shirred sides make it easily adjustable and very forgiving if you don’t fit a ‘perfect’ size. The folded style bust line is super flattering both on larger and smaller busts. In fact I can comfortably say, that if I were only allowed to have one dress style in my wardrobe, this would be it!

The Trixie Dress in Polka Dot and cropped green cardigan from Trashy Diva.

(this is the inadvertent “oops, my head piece is sliding out” pose)

I’m planning on packing all my Trixie dresses for an upcoming tropical jaunt, as not only do they look the business, but they hardly weigh a thing and fold up tiny. This means lots of extra room for all the shopping I plan on doing. And speaking of shopping, if you fancy adding this gorgeous dress or any other of the multitude of spectacular treats from Trashy Diva to your wardrobe, I have a special discount code for you!

Simply enter the code:  Kawaii10  in the checkout to get 10% off any orders until the end of May.

Pour yourself a cup of tea and have a little look around their store. Let the love affair begin!

Outfit Details

Dress – Big Polka in ‘Trixie’ by Trashy Diva

Cardigan – from Trashy Diva

Bangles – Op Shop find

Fruity head piece – A DIY project of mine

Shoes – Vivienne Westwood for Melissa “Lady Cherry”

Lips – MAC Russian Red