Monday, June 27, 2022


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Trashy Diva Polka Dot Vintage Dress

Daily Outfit – Polka Dot Vintage Dress Day

It may be Autumn in Melbourne already, but we are lucky to sneak in a few lovely days here and there. Provided you bring a cardi, you can enjoy a bit of a brunch...

OSIM uSqueeze — The Best Treat for My Feet!

I love shoes. And I love shopping. But put these two together and it often results in a heck of a lot of post shopping complaints, tired legs and a box of pain killers. Yes,...

Relax With A Hug — The uPapa Hug

The schedule I've been keeping for the last few months has left me a bit weary. In truth, actually very weary and possibly with a hump... I'm suffering from a lack of sleep, not...