Autumn Fashion Inspirations

Autumn Fashion Inspirations

It snuck up behind us when we weren’t looking and became Autumn ever so quickly.

Before you could even remember to write 2015 on everything, the shops have changed their stock, chocolates line the shelves and long sleeved fashions are upon us.

Before you go out and hit up the stores looking for the new, the improved and the utterly fabulous; take a breath and learn to mix and match what you have into some great transitional combinations.

Learn to layer, to be prepared (remember that umbrella), and add piece by piece to your look to take your summer dresses into more flexible territory.

Transitions in blue

A light weight maxi dress becomes fit for a casual dinner date, with the addition of a kimono style cardigan, elegant flats and Egyptian inspired jewellery. Remember your large statement tote so if the weather does warm up, you needn’t be carrying around this knit over your arm all day.

Transitions in pink

Your favourite floral ensemble carries you through afternoon and into the evening by adding both a cropped bolero to ensure that waist is still a feature, and an incredibly warm pashmina. Carrying your flats in your satchel means any dashes for a cab in the rain aren’t a health hazard, and there will be no shoddy old brollys for you.

Green Transitions
Weekends are fun and colourful in Kelly green. A Navy cloche protects you do from the wind while your retro 90’s scarf can serve all manner of purposes, from keeping a chill at bay to hanging jauntily from the handle of your bag. Paired with some leopard print flats and a pair of OTT lions head gold earrings, you’re ready to handle almost any social occasion the weekend can throw at you.
Red &Gold Transitions

The standard black, office shift dress is one of the most versatile trans-seasonal items in your wardrobe. Add a mid weight pair of stockings, a sophisticated booty, a long glove and you’re ready for anything. Pairing it with this quilted backpack helps to anchor the look into the ever so slightly more practical and keeps your hands free to hold the hood of your cape in close to your rosy cheeks.

Pitchi Just Made Online Shopping So Much Better!

Pitchi Just Made Online Shopping So Much Better!

Once online shopping came around allowing us the pleasure of being able to click and browse in our pyjamas, you didn’t think things could get better than that did you? But they have.

With all the drama of trying to zoom in on pics for detail, and asking sellers questions about what stuff is made from, has become a pain in the butt. Then I found Pitchi.

Pitchi is one of those incredibly simple, incredibly smart ideas that will have you saying “OMG, why am I not selling / shopping on here?!”

Basically it is a market place for all kinds of unique, clever items that use video to show you not only the product, but also the story behind it! Need an uber cool pair of hand made, laser cut acrylic earrings that look like ice cream?

Perhaps you need a brilliant retro portable music system you can blow everyone away with at the next beach party?

While you’re at the beach, you may find you need the perfect vintage styled swimsuit.

Maybe your man is sick of the industrial hazards of stupid long ties?

I know many of my readers are small business owners and entrepreneurs, creating all kinds of cool things including fashion and home wares. We’re all sick to death of trying to sell our wonderful creations amongst the sea of cheap imports and rubbish that populates a lot of the platforms out there. We needed something new, something impressive, and something that people will love. Can you even begin to imagine how cool your creations are going to look on Pitchi?

This new platform has both a desktop and mobile app, for iPhone and Android(!), that means it is incredibly easy to make a cool video and get selling, or browse and buy.

Made in Melbourne (yes, home grown!), Pitchi also makes me proud of the kind of smart ideas coming out of this town. Not just the idea and the execution of the platform itself, but as a showcase for incredible local talent too.

As a seller, you have 60 seconds to play with for your video, and let your creativity run free!

As a shopper, I have to admit, spending time on Pitchi quickly become a rabbit hole. Once I’d watched one or two cute videos, I wanted to keep on watching; people are just so darn clever!

I’ve already created my account; so don’t be surprised if you start seeing videos with a new product line from me in the near future too.

Valentines for Vixens

Valentines for Vixens

Hands down, Valentines Day is the most under rated holiday in Australia. All the ‘bah humbug’ types like to see it as yet another opportunity for commercialism. I, on the other hand, see it as the perfect opportunity for dressing up, decadence and deliciousness.
Your Valentine doesn’t always need to be the romantic kind, sometimes the very best are the ones that just remind you how much you are loved and appreciated. Friends, school mates, family, anyone who makes your days brighter and never fails to put a smile on your face; these are the ones I like to celebrate.
No matter what your day will hold, be it a sweet dinner with friends, a glamorous evening out, or a “quiet” night in,  I have a special collection of outfit inspirations to help bring out the Valentine Vixen in all of you.

Forever Love

Forever Love

Wild Thing

Wild Thing

In the Dark

In the Dark

A Little Tied Up

A little tied up

Time to break out your A game ladies and get into the Valentines Vixen spirit!

Bite Beauty New to Adore Beauty

Meeting Destiny in Dubai

Meeting Destiny in Dubai

dubai getaway
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Dubai Souk Mall

 Dubai is a city for the sophisticated.

It is a haven for those with a sophisticated palate, a sophisticated mind and a sophisticated aesthetic. It is a crucible of beauty in all its forms.

As I sit here resting my weary legs with the scent of a lily bouquet floating through my room, I hardly know where to begin with my stories of Dubai. But like a true connoisseur, I shall attempt to create each one with care so that you can see them for the individual jewels they are.

It seems the Dubai Tourism team were able to discern my style quite quickly. Before I arrived here I was selected to stay at The Address Downtown, a stunning hotel right next door to The Dubai Mall. From the moment I checked in, there have been so many little notions that this is just the place for me here, and this afternoon I experienced another.

 Souk Dubai Mall

After a morning of touring many wonderful offerings, I took a little time to myself to explore a place that had captured my imagination from the very first image I’d ever seen of it. The Souk, attached to the mall, is utterly entrancing. The lusty scent of incense trails through the amber lit alleyways, diamonds call to you from every store window and your inner Princess finds her head.

Dubai Souk Dubai Souk

With deep brown twinkling eyes, a fragrance salesman beckoned me over to sample his wears and my Princess agreed. Perched up on a soft leather stool, I sat and chatted about the passion the Arabic people have for fragrance. Golden flasks each stood ready to woo me, but I already knew I wanted only one.

 Dubai Souk Perfume

“Would Madam like to try this beautiful Rose perfume?” he asked. This Madame smiled and said, “Actually, I’d much prefer something smoky and dark. A rich tobacco.” It was as though I’d said a magic word, his eyes lit up and a single flask instantly selected. With a flourish he indicated towards my arm, “please may I? All perfume must sing with the skin to be true.” Perhaps this was a part of his usual sales manner, but in my current poetic surroundings it carried the perfect trace of fantasy.

There is a truth that appears in someone’s eyes when they truly love something, and that is what happened next. I was enveloped in a heady cloud of warmth and velvet, a scent you could almost stroke. As it rose from my skin I wanted to close my eyes and fall back into a deep leather sofa. I could not resist myself. He smiled at me, the crocked smile of a co-conspirator, “see?” he said. “On you, this sings.”

 Souk Dubai

Souk Dubai

I have searched for many years to find my signature fragrance. I knew just how I wanted it to smell. I had come close before, but not close enough. The mass produced synthetic perfumes of the big brands have left me cold with their soulless offerings. But here in Dubai, amongst the alleys of the Souk, I have found my fragrance. And even more exciting to me, is that my fragrance has a story.

dubai getaway

dubai tourism platinum heritage bloggerati australia 1001 events
The Trashy Diva Obi Dragon Dress

The Trashy Diva Obi Dragon Dress

I went all out today and decided to get into the feel of the Trashy Diva Obi Dragon dress by playing the 1940’s lounge singer role in the studio with Helen. It was the perfect opportunity to road test evening looks for some upcoming Winter’s night events and see just how they’ll work.  Often times I plan outfits to go dancing in and I usually sacrifice functionality for good looks. This is one perfect dress that doesn’t ask you to make that choice; just take a good jacket if you’re in Melbourne!

You saw the cute polka dot 1950’s style dress from Trashy Diva last week, well this week I wanted to play around with this new release of the Obi dress. You may remember I first found this style back when I was in New Orleans, and the decadent, floaty silk was too much to leave behind.

Not only is the fabric on these dresses simply gorgeous, but the sleeve design makes them perfect for dancing! No problems stretching, twirling or even over heating. The full skirt flows beautifully and the obi belt design forms part of the dress, so you won’t loose it on the dance floor.


Outfit Details

Obi Dragon Dress – Trashy Diva (kindly provided as a gift)

Red strap shoes – Tony Bianco

Drop earrings – Vintage

Lip colour – Mac Russian Red with Lime Crime Carousel gloss on top.

Swanky Photography by Helen McLean

If you have any questions about their dresses or other things you see on the website, like finding out about fit or care, feel free to ask away in the comments.  I have loads of their pieces and have worn them for several years, so I can fill you in on all the little details.