Once online shopping came around allowing us the pleasure of being able to click and browse in our pyjamas, you didn’t think things could get better than that did you? But they have.

With all the drama of trying to zoom in on pics for detail, and asking sellers questions about what stuff is made from, has become a pain in the butt. Then I found Pitchi.

Pitchi is one of those incredibly simple, incredibly smart ideas that will have you saying “OMG, why am I not selling / shopping on here?!”

Basically it is a market place for all kinds of unique, clever items that use video to show you not only the product, but also the story behind it! Need an uber cool pair of hand made, laser cut acrylic earrings that look like ice cream?

Perhaps you need a brilliant retro portable music system you can blow everyone away with at the next beach party?

While you’re at the beach, you may find you need the perfect vintage styled swimsuit.

Maybe your man is sick of the industrial hazards of stupid long ties?

I know many of my readers are small business owners and entrepreneurs, creating all kinds of cool things including fashion and home wares. We’re all sick to death of trying to sell our wonderful creations amongst the sea of cheap imports and rubbish that populates a lot of the platforms out there. We needed something new, something impressive, and something that people will love. Can you even begin to imagine how cool your creations are going to look on Pitchi?

This new platform has both a desktop and mobile app, for iPhone and Android(!), that means it is incredibly easy to make a cool video and get selling, or browse and buy.

Made in Melbourne (yes, home grown!), Pitchi also makes me proud of the kind of smart ideas coming out of this town. Not just the idea and the execution of the platform itself, but as a showcase for incredible local talent too.

As a seller, you have 60 seconds to play with for your video, and let your creativity run free!

As a shopper, I have to admit, spending time on Pitchi quickly become a rabbit hole. Once I’d watched one or two cute videos, I wanted to keep on watching; people are just so darn clever!

I’ve already created my account; so don’t be surprised if you start seeing videos with a new product line from me in the near future too.

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