I went all out today and decided to get into the feel of the Trashy Diva Obi Dragon dress by playing the 1940’s lounge singer role in the studio with Helen. It was the perfect opportunity to road test evening looks for some upcoming Winter’s night events and see just how they’ll work.  Often times I plan outfits to go dancing in and I usually sacrifice functionality for good looks. This is one perfect dress that doesn’t ask you to make that choice; just take a good jacket if you’re in Melbourne!

You saw the cute polka dot 1950’s style dress from Trashy Diva last week, well this week I wanted to play around with this new release of the Obi dress. You may remember I first found this style back when I was in New Orleans, and the decadent, floaty silk was too much to leave behind.

Not only is the fabric on these dresses simply gorgeous, but the sleeve design makes them perfect for dancing! No problems stretching, twirling or even over heating. The full skirt flows beautifully and the obi belt design forms part of the dress, so you won’t loose it on the dance floor.


Outfit Details

Obi Dragon Dress – Trashy Diva (kindly provided as a gift)

Red strap shoes – Tony Bianco

Drop earrings – Vintage

Lip colour – Mac Russian Red with Lime Crime Carousel gloss on top.

Swanky Photography by Helen McLean

If you have any questions about their dresses or other things you see on the website, like finding out about fit or care, feel free to ask away in the comments.  I have loads of their pieces and have worn them for several years, so I can fill you in on all the little details.




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