PINUP girl clothing mary blair

This is the Pin Up Girl Clothing, Mary Blair cat print skirt; and it is awesome!

I did very little actual shopping whilst in the USA, spending most of my time working away on plans for this blog and learning a whole lot of new things. A visit to Pinup Girl Clothing in L.A though, was on my ‘must visit’ list and did not disappoint. My timing was impeccable, matching up with their launch of the new range of Mary Blair prints, and oh what stunning choices!

With very limited space in my suitcase, (and my wallet) I chose a piece that would work perfectly with the colour palette I’d planned for my trip. Loads of blues and greens filled my case, so it seemed that this bright skirt would compliment my choices. Having brought only two pair of shoes on my trip, both black, the temptation to add one more pair was too great to resist. These blue heels from Bait Footwear were purchased for the princely sum of $60 and are simply the most comfortable heels I’ve ever worn! After wearing them for days on end, walking for hours and hours, there was not a hint of foot fatigue in sight.

Pinup girl clothing mary blair

Pinup girl clothing mary blair

Pinup girl clothing mary blair

Outfit Details

Skirt – Pinup Girl Clothing Mary Blair Cat Skirt in ‘Jenny’ style

Shoes – BAIT Footwear Hometown Stride heels

Kelly Green Cardigan – Trashy Diva

Kelly Green t-shirt – JAG

Wide Belt – Portmans

Earrings and chiffon scarf – Vintage

Red Handbag – “Sexy but Cute” (Bangkok label)

This quickly became my favourite outfit, no only because I simply adore the fullness of the ‘Jenny’ skirt, but the happy kittens are impossible to be too serious around. It’s funny how people still comment on “blue and green should never be seen“, because it seems to me that they make the perfect pairing!


  1. Always divine, is there anything nicer than a full skirt and the ways it twirls about. I agree blue and green are great combination, I tend not to listen to people’s dated attitudes to colour combinations and patterns.

    • Truide: Full skirts may just be the most divine piece of fashion one can own. They have the power to make you feel instantly fabulous! They are also incredible easy to sew, which means I’m soon to hit the machine again when all the new spring prints come back to the fabric stores. 🙂 xx

  2. The Mary Blair collection is divine, I’m waiting on the umbrella dress to be released, Love those shoes too. My nana used to say “blue and green should not be seen except upon a fairy queen”

  3. That really was perfect timing!!! I think that the Mary Blair line is the cutest that PUG has ever produced. Great choice of skirts. It’s cute as a button and looks fantastic on you.

    <3 Jessica

    *PS* Phish to that silly old saying! I sport the two together regularly and have never paid it a speck of heed. The two are gorgeous together. So serene and redolent of nature and the vast blue sky above.

    • Jessica: Thank you! I completely agree about this line being the cutest they’ve ever produced. There is never a single regret when buying from them. Their items are very well designed and excellent quality too. 🙂


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