Happy Holidays my friends!

While it seems the year has passed almost too quickly (once again), it has been a particularly memorable one. One in which I’ve learnt a lot about myself, about how we all see each other and how much farther we all have to go in finding common ground, love and respect. It is so easy to live in bubbles; bubbles of our social groups, families, cultures or even loneliness, forgetting that everyone experiences life so differently. We become wrapped up in busy, in commitments and deadlines, not giving our hearts and minds enough pause to hear themselves. These holidays my wish for you is the gift of reflection and paying it forward.

So many of my friends have found themselves without loved ones this year, losing the most important people in their lives. Other friends are a world away from those they care about most, not knowing when or where they may see them again. Then there are those who despite being surrounded by people, feel their most alone at this time of year. If you, like me, have an abundance of love to give, this is the time to spread it around.

If you’re not sure where to start, these ideas should help you.

  • Help someone carry their groceries to the car.
  • Offer to drive elderly neighbours to the mall.
  • Make a holiday meal for a single parent who could really use a break.
  • Organise play dates for friends children to give them the day off to connect with each other.
  • Pick up the phone and hear the voices of faraway friends and relatives.
  • Think of all the pictures we post on Instagram and print some out for your grandparents so they too can get a look into your daily life and what you love.
  • Put your hand up to host a get together for online friends who may have no one to share the Holidays with. Organise a picnic, a coffee catch up or something else where you can make real connections.
  • Ask your local refugee advocacy centre how you can help struggling families in your neighbourhood.

Once you put your mind to it, opportunities to pay it forward present themselves all the time, so make sure your eyes are open.

For me, I’d very much like to share my Holiday time with you. Especially those of you who read this blog but never comment, those who feel alone or isolated, those who’d just really like to hear a friendly voice and some crumby jokes. So I will be hosting a Google+ Hang Out!

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Join Me for a Holiday Get Together!

Yes, all you need to do is log into your Google+ account and you’ll be able to join this live hangout. You can send in any questions you have for me prior to, or during the event, or you can even request and invitation to join the video call! You’re welcome to come and chat, just hang out and listen or view the hangout later on on our YouTube channel. But really, I’d love it if you came and joined my little party, everyone is welcome!

You’ll find the details for the Live Hangout listed here and I’ve scheduled it at I time I hope many of you are able to come along. Feel free to wear ugly sweaters, glitter, antlers, or other festive accoutrements. You’re also welcome to leave me any questions or special requests in the comments section of this post.

Happy Holidays my Friends!

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