I’m about to hit you up with a whole bunch of photos today because, well, puppies!

Actually there are a few things that I really want to show you today, including Loki, but the first is this wonderful vintage dressing gown. You may not know but I have a thing for vintage dressing gowns; they are a collection within my collection.  Not being a fan of track suits for down time, I prefer to have the comfort of lounging pyjamas or beautiful robes that still look good enough for a school run or just hanging about after a long day. They aren’t something that I’ve invested much cash in, but the benefits are priceless.

Today’s robe is one I picked up last week at an Op Shop for $15. It is a gorgeous emerald green velveteen with a gathered detail under the bust, and a rear zip so you don’t need to mess up your hair when you’re getting dressed and ready.

The 3/4 length sleeves are also handy so they don’t get in the way of hair styling or even wet doing the morning dishes. Yes, this bright, bright sunshine is the actual morning light that comes streaming into my bedroom on a sunny winter morning. I was tempted to tone it down a bit for the pics, but I wanted you to be able to see the richness of colour in these shots exactly the way it is. Yes, my bedroom is an intense peacock blue and my favourite chair is that red!



Since we are turning over a new leaf on the blog, I’m working on all kinds of new things that you’ve asked for over the years, one of them being more pictures around my house. This morning, playing with Loki in the sunshine, was the perfect chance to show you my favourite corner of the bedroom. It’s a place to sit and read, to put on tricky shoes, or sometimes (let’s be honest) a secondary chair-drobe space. (I do try and keep it tidy!)  Nearly everything in my house has been put together as an eclectic mix of pieces that I’ve bought second hand online, found at Op Shops or even rescued from hard rubbish. My decorating style is “organic” in that it develops along the way when inspiration strikes, and I’m always moving things around.

The little foot stool has become Loki’s throne, the place where he sleeps in that morning sun soaking up the rays. And yes, he is just as mischievous as he looks and as his name suggests!

Are you a fan of vintage dressing gowns? If you haven’t tried out these sorts of styles with their fabulous names, (house coats, hostess gowns, honeymoon gowns, dressing gowns etc…) I suggest you start having a bit of a look around as there are still easy to find at most op shops. Make sure to tell me if you try it out too!


  1. My decorating style is the same way as well – a hodgepodge of pieces bought over the years from different sources (thrift and secondhand stores very much included), carried from one home to the next, with vintage and kitsch elements swirled throughout and running underneath it all, a current of classic, elegant decor, which is a style me and my husband are both crazy for.

    Gorgeous emerald robe! That colour makes your dark locks and sparking eyes pop all the more!

    ? Jessica


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