A strange thing happened last month. I received a special delivery for Mother’s Day from a brand I’d never considered to be in line with my fashion choices; Crocs.

Before you start pulling faces, let me say I was as surprised as you that their team thought there may be something in their range that would work for me. Given the wild, wet winters we have here; I am never very well prepared. I went out last week in my turn ups and ballet flats, only to have lost all feeling in my toes by 11am. Not the best choice.

I have a bad habit of popping off my house slippers and grabbing those ballet flats for school runs, and more often than not come home quite wet and miserable. I’d been looking for a simple boot solution that didn’t have a heel, but wasn’t too flat, as well as something that zipped up and dealt with my high instep. Then Crocs delivered a beautiful package to my door on Mother’s Day eve.

The boots were a soft brown leather with a wedge heel, non slip sole, side zip and bright pink lining; all in all quite attractive! After jumping on their website to see what had changed I was pleased to note that they have now expanded their range to include cute summer and winter wedges as well as two tone ballet flats.

I do love a good boot, but I’m not really a jeans and boot wearer in the common style you see. I can make cowboy boots work with just about anything, but for these I needed to think about a ‘story’ to how they would work within my wardrobe. Then I saw Frozen.

Of course! Simple and practical brown boots worn with dresses, fur and capes is the perfect way to work this look into my wardrobe. I love the scene in Frozen where Ana changes her outfit into her “Adventure” gear complete with little brown boots. (I can see a lot more of this outfit influence over the coming winter days).

So this morning was the first day of work in the Winter Solstice, and as the weather man announced impending rain and hail I started to play around with a few bits and pieces to come up with a warm outfit that would handle it all.

With a pair of grey faux fur cuffs on loan from Miss 9, I came up with a fun mix n match look from pieces I’ve had around the wardrobe for ages.

Outfit Details

Scarf – (worn in hair) Vintage silk

Teal knit top – Greetz from Tiz

Cream knit bolero – 1950’s vintage

Teal skirt – ASOS

Wedge Boots – Crocs

“C” initial brooch – Vintage Triffari make

Lip colour – “Lady Bump” by Chi Chi


    • Theresa: Thanks!It’s a new nail method called “Healthy Nails”. It is a coloured dipping powder that bonds to your nails (done in salon) and after a few coats, gives event results than acrylic, but keeping the natural nail healthy underneath. I’m a convert! 🙂

  1. Everything about this outfit is so appealing, cozy and beautiful! As a Canadian, which automatically entails I spend at least half my year in winter clothes, I always especially adore seeing how my fellow vintage bloggers dress for the chilly portion of the year (a time that, due to its very nature, often results in less outfit photos being taken and thus there’s less visual inspiration floating around in Blogland).

    ? Jessica


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