cat burglar

Image by Nina Friday – Available on Etsy

I’ve been in a bit of a hole lately. It happens like clockwork every winter when the clouds roll in, the rain starts and the social life drops right off. When you have grand plans of hibernating in knitted socks by a fireplace in Pinterest worthy glory, but all you can muster is a cup of tea and a book in bed, exhausted from the day. When your wardrobe seems dull, lifeless and overused; and nothing says “oh how fabulously jaunty” the way it did in Autumn.

I’ve also been without proper internet and t.v for weeks and weeks, something which should soon be remedied, but means that none of the usual visual feasts or binge watching has been there to light that fire. Even Game of Thrones finished! Yes, they are such first world problems but we all have our slumpy times. I am excited to report however, that my groove has been sighted in a few places.

Inside my suitcase of lingerie where I had packed away my favourite corset; it’s laces and firmness like a perpetual hug always makes me feel instantly better. It peeked out from a large delivery of Blinc cosmetics this morning, full of new eyeliners and potential.

I’m fairly certain I saw it wink at me as I cruised through some of my woman crush Pinterest boards too. It perked up when I took out a box of coloured pencils and a sketch book, something I haven’t done in years, then it even stretched a sleepy arm when I unpacked an envelope of vintage dress patterns I hadn’t opened yet.

When it realised I’ll be hopping on a flight to Sydney for a few days this time next week, it even started to shimmy a bit thinking of the party plans and catch up with friends. It began to think about all the fabulous things on the horizon for Spring and the joy of planning; planting new flowers in the garden, pruning roses so their blooms are full and heady. It started to think about this year’s Camperdown Cruise, all the fabulous cars, music and dancing. Then it turned a corner and began to think of all the cool things I haven’t yet tried with my hair and how much I love to experiment with new techniques.

Suddenly my groove was there, waiting to get dressed, meet up with friends and hit the town to watch a fellow vintage lover and burlesque beauty perform in Shake this evening.

If your groove has been hidden away in the cupboard with mine for a while, let’s send them an invite to a mid winter get together and see if we can get them dancing in the kitchen again.