Japanese tea Gardens San Francisco

Having these past nine weeks in the US has given me time to really enjoy and reflect on simplistic beauty. The changing of the seasons across the states, the cold I never see in Melbourne and the incredible transformation of the landscape. The Bluejays, Robins, Woodpeckers, Squirrels and Deer; all make the most romantic visions to this Australian’s eyes.


A simple afternoon in the Japanese Tea Gardens of San Francisco was another such moment of introspection and beauty. We would have loved to have the gardens all to ourselves, but none the less, sitting in the shade and watching squirrels play in the leaves gave me such a joy in the little things.


  1. How tranquilly beautiful! I massively adore the adore the fact that traveling can help us to reflect on and reconnect with so many important parts of our souls and lives, as well as to reach new insights about those very things.

    <3 Jessica


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