Friday 13th meme

I think I need to stay home and not leave the house for the next two weeks.

I’ve never been a big follower of star signs, the universe etc… I mean, I enjoy the odd well timed meme as much as the next person, but these sorts of signs are not the type I regularly seek out or consult. But I have to say, the last few months have me questioning this.

I believe that you make your own luck, that seeing the silver lining is the way to go, and you should always have your eyes open. Then fate comes along and does these tricky things and says, “Ha ha! Try to ignore that one!” It’s got me checking out all kinds of new sources of information especially this evening after this whole Mercury in Retrograde decided to play with me.

I thought I’d spend the last day of the school holidays doing something really great, taking my girls and their friends to the zoo. A lovely serene day was had until I got to the car and discovered a parking ticket. Damn it! My own fault for not realising this was a paid parking area. Right, I shake it off, put of some appropriate Taylor Swift for them to all sing along to and head off down the road. Not more than 15 minutes later, we are seriously sideswiped by a learner driver who has taken off a large piece of my car and ruined four panels! Again, I’m looking on the bright side that no one was injured, but I certainly don’t need the extra hassle. Now I’m feeling a bit gun shy and wondering what else I shouldn’t do these next two weeks.

This kind of paranoia goes against my nature. The idea of waiting for planets to move to the right bits of the sky before I can change my hair / buy something / make a decision etc.. I’m the kind of woman who likes to just get things done in the most snappy way possible. Then I find out that as a Virgo my ruling planet is Mercury, (clearly I haven’t been paying attention). So that should stuff the whole thing up. But honestly, I just can’t handle that thought. The idea that some measly planet and it’s whims giveth and taketh away, is too much for a control freak like me. (Seriously, I love planets though) I refuse to let this beat me, I have to much to get done and too many things to win at!

As tempting as the thought sounds, I’m not going to wrap myself in bubble wrap for the next while (new fashion statement anyone?); but I am interested to see how this plays out. I’m also very interested to know what your experience with this sort of thing has been. Are you a big believer in signs and how far do you take that? Is it “batten down the hatches” at your place right now?

In spite of all this, tonight I am continuing on with my new evening routine of productivity; packing more boxes for this decluttering, making appointments, making decisions and choosing to rule this destiny with the proverbial iron fist.

I feel like should start making this into tee shirts though.

Surviving Mercury in Retrograde

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  1. I hear ya! Rushed out the door to work on Monday morning to move my car off a yellow line by 0830 and get to work for a full day workshop (needed to get in early as hadn’t prepared on the Friday before leaving work….of course I hadn’t !) ….only to discover the car battery was flat. Had left the radio on all weekend……which in theory shouldn’t be possible as removing the key should kill it…….and no time to charge the battery if I was to get to work on time. Traffic warden looming in the distance and a parking ticket meant I was £30 down before I started the week. At least, as I remarked to the warden, someone had a good start to the week, with an immediate ticket for their Monday morning quota. So, yeah, Mercury in retrograde.


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