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The decision to build a pool at home was a big one, and one that has been a long time coming. When Zodiac contacted me a couple of weeks ago to see if we’d like to trial and review their MagnaPool mineral salts pool system, I laughed, as this is exactly what we’d already installed so I knew I’d be happy to write about it. I’m already sold.

When we first bought this property over seven years ago, one of the key reasons we chose it was for the space it had to put in a fantastic pool area to our own design. I love looking at water, I love its calming sounds and rippled surface, but I’m really not much of a swimmer.

My swimming experiences all make it somewhat of a hassle for me. Firstly I have coloured hair and I hate the damage lots of chlorine does to it. I also hate the damage it does to my swimsuits and my skin. I have very sensitive eyes and even sitting by indoor chlorinated pools causes my eyes to become so red it makes it hard to see. Choosing the right pool set up became a big research project for us.

Putting in a pool is a huge investment and one we really wanted to get right, so when we heard about MagnaPool from our builder, it was something I consulted both online reviews and my resident chemist (Dad), about.

In a nutshell, a MagnaPool uses magnesium (a natural mineral) to detoxify and balance the water. Magnesium is what you find in all those amazing mineral baths and spas around the world; know for their ability to sooth aches and pains, relieving stress and anxiety. I’ve had arthritis in my legs for years and years, sometimes to the point where I just can’t be on my legs, so this idea that as a non-swimmer, I can just rest, relax and float in a pool that is going to help relieve this is amazing!

Magnesium and potassium (the two minerals found in the MagnaPool system), are also credited with relieving skin ailments, helping with sensitivity issues and also being far safer for my coloured hair, (superficial I know).

As far as the filter system goes, MagnaPool uses a glass filter system instead of sand or other media. These Zodiac Glass beads are made from recycled glass and discourage bacteria from attaching to them, which is a known issue with sand filters. So the overall water quality is cleaner, more sanitary and also due to the minerals, much better to use on the garden when it is changed over!

Making the decision on this one was really important, but we also found out that pools that were currently using a chlorination system could be changed over to MagnaPool. We vacillated a bit in making the decision due to the initial extra set up cost and our tightly stretched budget, but when all the chips were down, there was no second guessing just how good a decision this would be. It is one of the best things we’ve done with this whole renovation.

Not only is the water absolutely stunning to look at, but it leaves my skin actually feeling better than when I got in; smooth and silky, not stinging or stinking of heavy chlorination.


Pools are such a big part of the Australian backyard lifestyle, and finding ways to make our experiences with them even better is something I see advertised all the time. Fancy sofas and lovely accessories, all wonderful of course, but if I can suggest one thing to start with; it would be converting to a MagnaPool.

I’d like you to experience of what it is like to bathe in this type of water, so Zodiac have provided me with 50 sachets (2 per winner) of their MagnaPool mineral bath salts to help you create your own mini experience.

Given, it isn’t the same as floating around under the sunset, but add these to a bath soak and see just how it feels. Let your entire body relax, aches and pains drift away, while your skin soaks up the detoxifying minerals.

All you need to do is be one of the first 25 to leave me a comment about why you think MagnaPool mineral salts would be right for you.

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The competition is open until 5:00 pm AEDST on 6th February 2015 

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  1. Oh my gosh, wow! As a pool owner too, I am hating the chlorine, especially on my girls (and my) fine hair. It leaves it so dry and full of tangles, making it so hard to brush my already sensitive 6yr old’s hair. Our current filter is on its last legs, so this might be our salvation. Thankyou for the post. Also, just last week, I took my girls to the Peninsula Hot Springs and wished I could just live there in the water. My hair afterwards was so soft. I’d love a sachet to try. Our bath is tiny, but I’ll find a way to make it work and will definitely look into Magna Pools, thankyou Candice!

  2. Im pregnant and have been suffering from restless leg syndrome and magnesium is one of the things that helps get rid of it. I would love to try this.

  3. I definitely want one of these pools when I get my own place! Thank you for sharing this information :). It sounds perfect for me because I’m constantly getting really tight, sore muscles through my legs and shoulders because of hypermobility and a soak in magnesium works wonders.

  4. This system sounds fantastic! Here in south-east Qld we are quite lucky as we have several spots where you can soak in mineral water for free; one in the Noosa Everglades and one down at Lennox Head in NSW. This sounds like a brilliant system and if it is something that you can get at home, even better!

  5. Wait what? Soothes aches and pains, relieves stress and anxiety?! As mama to a toddler and a nursling, I’d love to soak away all my aches, pains, stress and anxiety. Now to keep the kids out of the bathroom while I do that!!

  6. Our pool is being delivered and about to start installation. We need to make a decision re MagnaPool. Living rurally water clarity and sanity is a big consideration for us. We would love to have the opportunity to try before locking in.

  7. I am the inventor of the Magnapool System & although I am no longer involved with the system I did see it through it’s formative years from 2006 to 2012.
    In this day & age to buy a product that actually delivers what the marketing material promises is quite rare.
    Invented in Australia & now sold by Zodiac in both Australia & Europe bears testimony to the value of the product .
    You will see a lot of negativity on the Internet which is the work of scared competitors. I have never seen a “MAGNAPOOL OWNER” disappointed in their purchase . There are a lot of good YouTube testimonials & one you should look at is “George’s Story- Parkinson’s Disease.” a true story about a friend of mine.
    Dr. Marc Sircus has written a book TRANSDERMAL MAGNESIUM THERAPY.
    It is a proven scientific fact that you can absorb the magnesium through the skin to be channeled straight into the blood system much the same way as an Estrogen or Nicorette patch works but without the patch.
    For your information I do not recieve any consulting compensation from ZODIAC


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