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The Address Downtown Hotel Dubai

When was the last time you sparkled? The last time you felt like a diamond in the perfect setting, where the light could touch each facet of your face and throw a different colour? This is how I feel right now.

The last two weeks have been made up of the moments that change you forever. I cannot imagine a more perfect setting for my story than The Address Downtown Dubai; my personal castle with a glittering court of service staff.

While the castles of legend overlook a deep and treacherous moat, The Address Downtown plays host to the most spectacular view of the Dubai dancing fountains. From high up on the balcony of the cigar lounge, we watch as light and water interplay in a single dramatic song. The sandstone arches of the Souk tinged with the blue light of evening, the Burj Kalifa presides over all.

The Address Downtown Hotel Dubai

The Address Downtown Hotel Dubai


  1. That is such a spellbindingly fantastic view! I love the dancing fountains and am off to see if I can find a YouTube video of them in action (I’ve always really adored fountains and water works shows).

    It’s a really lovely treat to get to experience your trip via your posts about it, especially for an armchair international traveler like me.

    <3 Jessica

    • Jessica: Thank you so much! It is an honour to be able to share these tales from across the world with you all. Should you ever be able to travel the world for real, I highly recommend this makes it onto the top 10 list 🙂

  2. I loved reading your posts about Dubai, Candice. I went in 2011 as a stopover rather than a holiday and I think I need to go back and spend more time there!


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