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There are only ever a handful of moments in your life that make such a deep and moving impression on you, that you know you will never be the same again. Last night this happened to me.

dubai desert safari

Even as I type this for you I can feel my chest getting tighter and my eyes welling up; such was my sense of awe in the desert of Dubai.

For every film you’ve ever seen or any landscape you have imagined of this golden landscape, nothing can adequately prepare you for what lies in wait for you in these rolling dunes. At once more vast than you can comprehend, yet the smallest ripple in the sand is nature’s perfect and transient work of art.



  1. Those moments are truly incredible. I know precisely what you mean and the way that you never, usually for the better, walk away from them the same again. They linger in your mind, shaping future choices and days and reminding you of what a grand and incredible gift each day of life truly is. I’m thrilled for you that you were able to have one of this awesome Middle Eastern adventure, dear Candice.

    <3 Jessica


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