Last January, as I sat there in the scorching summer heat, I was working on a DIY blog planner. Colouring in pages and highlighting ideas, thinking of colours and creating vision boards. I knew I really needed a creative shot in the arm, using all my tried and true techniques to make it happen. But sometimes, no matter how much you try to stick to the plan, follow the system or work on dreaming up new ideas; if they don’t come from the right place they just don’t stick. That pretty much sums up the beginning of 2014 for me.

In the very moment that the name “Vintage Current” came to me, things finally started falling into place. I had clearer vision and purpose, making it easier to evaluate ideas by this new drawing board. It hasn’t been the quickest process, but while you see what happens on screen, there has been so much more happening behind the scenes. My mind tends to go at a hundred miles an hour, so it’s often difficult to stop myself from getting distracted; sorting out the good ideas from those that just aren’t for me. Even though it is only half way into November, I wanted to stop and take a moment to look back before I head into these new chapters.

What I really wanted to achieve, (and am still working on every day), is to bring you all the good stuff. The things that inspire, uplift, teach and generally make life better in some way. I also wanted to be able to improve the quality and consistency with which I can produce these things. After trying so many productivity techniques I came to the realisation that as a Mum to two primary school girls, with a home to look after and a couple of businesses to run; that I didn’t need to work harder or plan better, I just needed more hands. I had reached a point where I either had to give up one of my businesses or I had to scale things up dramatically. Being the stubborn over achiever that I am, I decided on the latter.

As scary is it can be to jump off into employer territory, that is exactly what I’ve done this year. What makes me the happiest about this is not that we can achieve so much more, but that through doing what I love, I’ve been able to create jobs for other people to do what they love too! It’s not all smooth sailing making this kind of commitment, and as any self employed creative can tell you, it’s hard enough just trying to pay your own bills. In spite of the fear that comes with turning a one woman show into a much larger enterprise, the sense of reinvigoration, inspiration and unlimited potential with all these great minds is simply brilliant.

So what does this all mean going forward?

Vintage Current is finally able to turn the corner I wanted it to. To be able to launch our first series of eBooks and digital styling courses to help anyone, anywhere in the world! If you haven’t already joined our newsletter, do it now! This is where you’ll get all the info before anyone else, including special deals only available to subscribers.

Not only will the series by available in January 2015, but I’m now able to bring my full day workshop to cities all over Australia and have dates being organised right now for the USA! If you’re USA based, let me know in the comments which cities you’d like to see these hosted in. At the moment I’m planning for April 2015 and have the most epic of trips happening.

We finally have the space and time to be able to produce more frequent, higher quality video tutorials; sharing all the styling knowledge I’ve gained through thousands of hours with hundreds of women. Our You Tube channel is just beginning to kick up a gear and the last few months have been busy producing all kinds of new hair and makeup tutorials you’ve never seen before. The Daily Outfits are also coming to video, and I’m always happy to answer any fashion questions you have including specifics about fit, comfort, quality and sizing.

So the next big thing on my agenda and happening very, very soon is…….. New York!!

Yes, not only am I headed off to Dubai this December, but I’ll then be headed straight across for a New York winter! I can hardly wait to see New York at Christmas, but oh the fabulous things I have organised to share with you. Secret little vintage hang outs and treats, speakeasies and beautiful streetscapes, as well as interviews with other vintage creatives. What a cracker December shall be! If this is your city, let me know and I’ll see if we can organise a bit of a meet up one day too.

What is exciting me most at the moment, is the realisation that with all these changes I have the opportunity to help more people unlock their own unique version of their style. To inspire with new ideas and sustainable ways to focus on remembering yourself in the midst of daily chaos. To help you take the time to dream and find ways to add more happiness to every day. Maybe it will be the perfect red lipstick you’ve always wanted to pick up a dreary week, or even something as big as helping you plan the vacation you’ve always wanted, taking in the culture and historic sights that make forever memories.

As always, I want to hear from you. Yes, really. Even if you haven’t written to me before, I’m inviting you to the conversation. Because as full on as all this blogging stuff can get, I always want to remember that the most important thing to me is why I started this in the first place, and that was to find “my people” (that’s you) and share our vintage loving lifestyle secrets together.

Candice Xx


  1. How awesomely exciting on all fronts! I really commend you for hanging in there and finding ways to continue to keep your blog going strong. Like yourself, I’m not the type to throw in the towel if at possible to avoid doing so, and have found that balancing blogging and other commitments in my life is a never ending work in the process. Sometimes you strike upon a path that really works for you at that point in time and it sounds like that’s the road you’re on now. I can’t wait to see the adventures you’ll share with us along the way!

    <3 Jessica


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