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“The mornings are slow, warm and fragrant with jasmine. Bowls of steaming ramen and a french press of perfectly brewed coffee sit perched on my breakfast tray. My cybernetic butler smiles and opens up the drapes to reveal glistening waters, swaying palms and meerkats playing by the sea. “It’s going to be a marvellous day.” I think to myself, slipping into my swimsuit and soft pink scarf.



A lazy start reading e-books, drenched in gentle morning sunlight seems like just the thing to get me started. Then perhaps a luxurious massage before heading into vintage town to shop for all the amazingly priced pieces, and arm loads of fresh flowers to bring back to my villa. The bargains are so plentiful I can barely fit them into the huge boot space of my 1956 Cadillac, so a convoy it is to make sure that each find has a space.


As we turn the corner from Vintage St into Thrift Store Heaven Ave., the street is partitioned off to give plenty of room for dancing to one of the multitude of bands. Petticoats flash and boots crack on the tarmac as the song reaches its crescendo. With perfect timing the cocktail and dumpling carts arrives to nourish happy, but weary dancers. It must be time for a massage again.

Arriving back to the villa side pool, freshly cracked coconuts await my return. Nestled among a bed of Singapore orchids, the sight itself at once relaxing and luxurious. The koi swim slowly, their tales splashing through the sheet of the waterfall, droplets landing on my butler and narrowly avoiding her armload of laksa.

The sun slowly sinks behind the horizon, tiki torches come alive and the sound of island drums heralds the arrival of the dancing girls. All dressed in our favourite Pake Muu’s, my girl friends and I call to our partners to hurry down from the balcony so they don’t miss the show. With charming grins, the men step back to reveal a small procession of perfectly dressed monkeys, each holding coloured boxes filled with unearthly coloured glitter lucite jewellery. Knowing our Omni-cam is recording every moment of the evening, down to the smallest wink or smile, I sit back and enjoy the show.”


This is my Wotifia.

A place where anything and everything is possible, if only you can imagine. Starting your ideal travel journey in your imagination is by far the best way to find adventure, passion, fun and romance. Dream away and then start to uncover the secrets to finding your perfect destination.

The gateway to Wotifia begins with with over 13,000,000 rooms in 118 countries and 120,000 flights to get you there. Being able to compare and review all the deals means you have more time to plan your adventure within an adventure, and knowing you have 24/7 support from the team means you’ll never be left in travel limbo.

For the lay person, finding the door to Wotifia may not come as easily as it does to me, someone who spends a great deal of time in fantasy land. This handy video guide will help you see the possibilities for what they are and show you how you too can become a “Visita” in “Wotifia”.

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Win a Golden Passport to Wotifia by heading to

Worth over $50 grand, this passport could be used to take you, your family or your mates to unlimited travel destinations where anything is possible and you can let your imagination run wild.  Where it’s always sunny, never-ending cocktails, thousands of miles of coastline worldwide – it’s the world without borders. Wotif’s Golden Passport competition is geared to inspire fans with what they imagine Wotifia to be, no matter how weird or wonderful.

Where would your Passport to Wotifia take you?



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