I’ve been on this journey for quite a while now, back before blogging was even a “thing” here in Australia.

When I first started writing Super Kawaii Mama, I had no idea that anyone would ever read it. I initially wrote it just for myself, as a bit of a style diary; a way to keep track of the outfits I put together and the various style moods that took me over. It quickly became apparent that, even though I thought I was alone in my passion for vintage style, I was just one of a world wide army of devotees. And how wonderful it has been getting to know you all!

This July marks a big change for me, one I’ve been planning for a few years but the timing was never right. I’ve wanted to change the name of the blog for some time, but never happened upon a name that struck the right chord with me. I’d also wanted to find a clearer purpose to what it is that I write and share; to bring more of my historical perspective and hard learned lessons that contribute to the ‘vintage’ tone my life takes.

The feedback I’ve had from you over the years, both online and in person, shows me that there is still so much to be written. Sometimes as bloggers we think we’ll run out of ideas, (and occasionally we all suffer from creative fatigue) but like clockwork, I find myself awake at strange hours of the morning with a plethora of stories I still want to tell.

As I lay there one night wondering when, if ever, I will finally teach myself to knit, I had a thought. Since I was very young, elements of the vintage world have always romanced me. At times I’m more in love with one style than another, sometimes I don’t want to dress and go out, but simply stay home read the books of my childhood. But no matter how I feel and how I’ve grown, one thing has always remained the same. That through the stream of my life, there always runs a vintage current. And so, a new name, and a renewed purpose was born.

Over the next few weeks you’ll notice a lot of changes around here, all for the better. A more streamlined, simplified look that should enable to navigate to the things you’ like to see with ease. New resource pages with entirely new content designed to help share all those old world tricks of the trade that keep things running smoothly around here. I want to share with you more of my vintage collection; all the pieces you’ve never seen as they are squirrelled away waiting for their moment in the sun or a mannequin with a much smaller waist.

For now you’ll see that I have changed the name of the blog and the look of the page. You’ll also notice the name change on social media over the coming weeks, and then a change over to the new URL in August.  I’m doing my best to ensure that the transition is a smooth as possible, but if you notice any broken links or funky formatting issues, please be patient with me as this is a DIY job. From the ideas to the basic coding, I’m doing this one myself and working over time to get it just right.

I’m more than a bit excited by this time of transition and growth, and I’m planning ways I can celebrate and share this milestone with you all. I can’t thank you enough for your support and friendship over the years, it has truly transformed my life and I don’t ever feel like “the weird kid who wears dead people’s clothes” anymore. Xx

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Specialty Vintage Stylist, Blogger, and Presenter; Candice DeVille has been writing Vintage Current since early 2008. Based in Melbourne, Australia, she's always in search of the next glamorous adventure. Bringing you vintage style, glamour and inspiration for the 21st Century.



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