Are you always on the hunt for a stay on lipstick that actually works? How to get your lipstick to stay on is one of my most frequently asked questions, and unfortunately there is only so much you can do short of tattooing your lips. My everyday tips for wearing red lipstick will help you to a degree, but serious staying power? I always thought that was the realm of fantasy. Until I tried this stuff.

In my eternal quest to try all the red lipsticks on the market (how full are my bathrooms cupboards?!), the minute I saw these new Maybelline Super Stay 24 hour Colour advertised I wanted to put it to the test.  My test came in two parts, as I didn’t want to invest the money off the cuff on the very slim chance it may actually work, so this is what I did.


1.00pm- Wander into Target (also available at Priceline and on sale at the moment I think) and start casing the joint to uncover this new lipcolour.

1.05pm- Get distracted by liquid liners before remembering again why I was there.

1.15pm – Find the VM stand for the new Maybelline lipcolour and am amazed at the huge number of colours on offer. Which red do I want?

1.20pm – decide that before picking a colour, I should give this a proper hard core trial.  So I paint a slash onto the heel of my hand, following the instructions and waiting for it to dry. this ought to be good given how many times a day I wash my hands. I wonder if it will last more than the next three hours.

6.00pm – Am marvelling to my girls that the lip colour is STILL there! What kind of thing is this?


9.00am – It’s even lasted the night without any fading.  Okay then you stubborn stuff, here’s a real test.

11.00am – Clean the whole house, including bathrooms without gloves on.

3.00pm – Beer and wonderment.. and also a bit of a worry.  The lipstick is still there, clean and bright; what the hell is in this stuff??

After such a  vigorous non facial test, I decided to give it a go and see how it lasted through eating, drinking, greasy foods and the ultimate pash.  AND IT DOES!!

Here’s the thing though, none of these stay on lipsticks are going to remain highly moisture filled, so you do need to keep applying a balm over the top.  When you apply it, you need to paint it on carefully with your lips somewhat stretched so they are flat.  Then you have to wait about 4 minutes for it to dry and stop being sticky before applying the balm.  The feeling is a little odd, like there is a bit of a barrier between you and the world, but for the results it is worth it.

While it doesn’t dry out and crack like others I’ve tried, if you don’t apply the balm, there is a tendency to chew at your lips if it gets too dry and that will simply peel the colour off. But if you can avoid doing this, you will actually have lips that last overnight! And it really doesn’t smear, smudge or kiss off!

So as you can see this was a big winner for me, so much so that I bought three different reds, each fabulous!


Keep Up The Flame – A non shimmery red with an almost warm hue.

Reliable Raspberry – A more hot pink version of red.

All Day Cherry– My fast favourite with a touch of shimmer and a rich blue red, cherry hue.

(Shown in the image holding them left to right – Cherry, Flame, Raspberry. Wearing All Day Cherry.)

Verdict – At around $21.00 these are definitely worth the money and something you should have handy for big nights out or gastronomic adventures when you need to look your best.





  1. Hi Candice! I’ve been on the search for a super longlasting red for a really long time, and my main issue with many of them (which you’ve addressed in your blog) is the fact that they’re all quite drying.

    The only thing I’ve found to counteract this is by using Rimmel London’s Lipstick Lock. It’s a clear liquid you put on top of your lipstick with something that looks like a nail polish brush. It reeks of alcohol and your lips kind of burn like they’re on fire for about 20 seconds….but it works!

    Otherwise, the only other lipstick that I’ve found that is quite long lasting, without using a balm on top is the range of lipsticks from Kit Cosmetics. The lipsticks actually go the distance for quite a surprisingly long time, given the fact that they’re not actually advertised as long-lasting products.

    • Jo-Anne: Yes, I know the paint on, burn like hell stuff. 🙂 I use Lipcoat, the one Marilyn Monroe allegedly used and is still available. Mostly mine stays on due to the fact that my mouth is trained how to behave as I’ve been wearing it since I was 14! 🙂

  2. Would love you to review Kit Cosmetics Lipstick Queen range (they are at Doncaster). They are made by Poppy King and are the first I have ever totally used to the last lip. They are the best I have found and I am a fellow serious lipstick addict!!

  3. Love the review! I have a little baby that I must kiss every two minutes, so I only wear the long-lasting lipsticks, but i have not tried that one yet. My only problem is getting the lipstick OFF! I have to use my toothbrush to get it off sometimes. If you have any tips for removing it without removing my lips, that would be great!

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

  4. Hi SKM, I’ve been using this lipstick for a while now, it’s the only red lipstick I can wear, all the others bleed all over the place.

    I’m trying to buy your opera coat on Etsy but I’m having difficulty registering with PayPal – please help me !!!

    Thank you so much.

  5. Aaaah this stuff looks awesome! I must give it a go 😀 The L’Oreal Infallible isn’t too bad – doesn’t come off, but they dont really have many good red shades.
    I think I might try this one out, as the only thing stopping me from wearing lipstick all the time is how easy it comes off.

  6. I popped into the supermarket to pick one up and give it a test run. At $6 US if I didn’t like it it didn’t matter. I wore well and was easy to remove with eye make up remover. A winner !

  7. Is this a new product or just upgraded packaging? I’ve been using the Maybelline super stay lippie for YEARS (colour 725 is my default as a nice blue based bright red, but 745 is a much darker more dramatic colour that I pull out on occasion). I discovered it whilst searching for the perfect long lasting red lippie for costuming purposes (for Wonder Woman specifically). I love that it lasts all day through anything AND it’s not too expensive; I can usually pick it up for about $13 on sale.

    My only problem is that the brush isn’t long enough to reach all the product down the bottom of the container, so I can never quite use the last of it, which feels like a waste to this poor student! But still, it’s the only red lippie I’ve worn for… 5 years now! Definitely good stuff!

  8. I tried one of these today… and am a little disappointed! After lunch I’m down to a lipliner-esque ring of colour.

    Maybe I didn’t wait for it to set properly before applying the balm – but I noticed it was flaking off by mid-morning anyway :o(

    (It may just be my ultra dry lips can’t take it… I’m a bit “special” like that.)

  9. I got two of the shades a pink one and the ruby one. I love it! But I was hoping for a brighter red. Which of the shades in the collections would you suggest is more of a true red, if not then which one would be a good close one with a bluish tone?


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