Vintage Current, formerly known as “Super Kawaii Mama”, was begun in early 2008 as a place for anyone seeking fashion and lifestyle inspiration outside of the mainstream.

In the early days of blogging we all muddled along writing about our passions and finding our way across a developing landscape of independent publications. Begun as a personal work, the name, “Super Kawaii Mama” happened to be my online auction handle at the time and was simply transplanted into a blog setting. While the name reflected my childhood love of the Japanese ‘cute’ culture, and became synonymous with my individualistic style, there is always room for change.

July 2014 marks a special time for me. Not only are my children who were babies when the blog began, now both at school and in a pre teen phase; I’m also more aware of what it is I want to share through this blog.

From the years of support and reader feedback, we’ve built a strong community of like-minded individuals who are all looking to create a life they love. One that reflects their passions inside and out.

Every letter, email and conversation I’ve had with you has gone into forming the basis of the Vintage Current blog. As we evolve into something bigger, better and timeless; I thank you for joining me on this wonderful adventure.

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Super Kawaii Mama blog history