Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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here is a place in our minds where we’d all like to live. No two are the same and they are created from the things we dream of. Since I was a child my ‘dream world’ was filled with beautiful vintage dresses, ladies in hats and gloves, cool, swinging tunes and tiki parties by the pool.

It was a romantic ideal, not longing for time travel, but to have the luxury of picking and choosing the glamorous images of the past, a part of my future picture.

As a child I had the privileged of watching and learning some of the best old school ways of doing things. From the Make do and Mend mentality of my depression era Grandmother, to the flamboyant and dramatic style of my Great Aunt who walked the stage in the 1950’s. Everything I fell in love with had me swanning about with the likes of Cary Grant and Rita Hayworth. The reality of the world at the time, with its absence of a Cocktail Hour, was much of a disappointment to me.

Armed with my shoulder pads and starry eyes, I set off on a quest to find the ‘me’ I wanted to be.

In the days of microfiche and VHS, I spent hours pouring over any kind of resource I could get my hands on. I asked questions of everyone I knew and without realising it, found my style icons within the walls of church halls and retirement homes.

Iris with her shockingly purple hair and her quick wit, Shirley who I hardly remember without her apron on, and Jean with the ability to knit for a family of four in one afternoon all whilst preserving apricots from her own tree. Merle who had copies made of all her favourite Rita Hayworth dresses in the 1940’s, worn lovingly until passed on to another family member. Stories and advice from all these women and more came together in me to form a lasting passion and a never-ending source of curiosity.

Everything I’ve learnt has come together to help me create the life I live. The way I see the world and everything in it. Ways to make things simpler, easier, cheaper and above all, more glamorous.

Not everyone has a Jean, Merle or Iris in their lives and that is why I write. I write to share, to educate and to inspire. To help you take what you will from the lessons of the past and make what you will of today.

That is Vintage Current.