Your Future is in Your Hands

Have you ever held a million dollars? What do you think would happen if you had that much real cash in your hands?

Unearthing Greatness and Adventure

I always dreamt of becoming an Archeologist. I had grand plans of becoming a superhero/adventurer, part Wonder Woman and part Indiana Jones, tromping through the desert sands uncovering treasures and dusting off the next great thing for mankind. I loved the challenge, the mystery, the sheer romance of it. But what I never expected was how this desire would later emerge in my real life.

Fast Money Tips -5 Top Op Shop Finds

I realised recently just how much cash I save every year by choosing to make the op-shop my first port of call for many of my regular buys, things I would rarely, if ever, pay retail for.

How to get over your fear of missing out.

Dealing with the fear of missing out (FOMO) can be a real problem. The more we see of our friends on social media, out hitting the town while we're left behind, the more it seems to induce all kinds of paranoia.

Sewing in the Spotlight

Thanks to Nuffnang and Spotlight Sewing and DIY projects have fallen way down my list of priorities in the past year. I've been on such a decluttering and purging streak that the urge to create...